To learn how to longer maintain roses in a vase

Rose - the queen of flowers.It is noble and beautiful, magnificent and capricious ... A bouquet of roses - a perfect gift for any occasion.According to the signs, roses, a gift from the heart, stand for long in a vase.Is it worth it to trust the national signs, thereby checking the sense with which they were presented?Or is it better to take care of the safety and beauty of the holiday home, providing the best conditions for color?

in a supportive atmosphere can live cut roses, delighting with its bright colors, a whole month.Of course, there is no guarantee that the donated or bought flowers were in your house straight from the garden.Perhaps they have been stored for some time somewhere in the store or warehouse - in fact to buy roses wholesale.Moscow and other large cities have a huge profit from the sale of flowers, the more popular such as roses.Sellers can not afford to wait for a new batch of color for a long time, so the gain for the sale of a huge number of them, which is why roses are sometimes stored for a long time.

So before thinking about how to save a little longer rose in a vase, you need to properly prepare them.Before you put the flowers in water, it is necessary to make a fresh cut.You will need a very sharp knife.It was a knife, not scissors - they will damage the stem of a plant.The larger the slice, the greater the surface, absorbs water necessary for flower life.That is why always make the cut at an angle, trying to create a greater slope.Slice the stem should not dry out, so all of these operations is better to produce under running water, and immediately afterwards put the roses back into the water.

Another tip is longer maintain roses in a vase: before placing the flowers in it, you must give them to settle in large quantities of water, for example, in a bucket.It is wrong to lower the roses in the bath as a whole, together with buds or flowers.Do not do it - better to leave the flowers in the air, or shortly after removal from the water, they begin to darken.The procedure with the "otpaivaniem" can be repeated if necessary.It's very refreshing them.For filling

use vase stand in the water for several hours.If possible, it is necessary to regulate the temperature in which there are flowers (by frequent changes of water).The ideal temperature is individual for different seasons - winter, it should be close to the room (not 18 degrees cooler), in the summer - cooler (about 10-12 degrees).

part of the stem, which is in the water, should be cleared of leaves - they can start to rot, thus provoking a rapid deterioration of all of the flower.

Roses are very capricious.They do not like drafts.They need a lot of light, but you can not put them in direct sunlight.The room temperature should also be a certain temperature: Rose does not like too warm air, the recommended temperature - 18-19 degrees.At night, better to leave the flowers in a cool place even more - about 12-15 degrees.Do not forget to spray the roses every day.This will refresh them and give them a brighter flavor.

Roses do not tolerate competition.Therefore, they can not be placed in a vase with other flowers.

more advice on how to longer maintain roses in a vase: the water can be placed various additives.To remove bacteria from the water, you can add a half teaspoon of sugar and aspirin.Often for the same purpose, a mixture of sugar and vinegar.

Here, in general, and all you need to do is worry about how to keep the longer rose in a vase.Pay attention to them, please, fulfill their desires, taking into consideration the tastes and needs of roses.And they will delight you with its beauty and fragrance, no matter from the heart, they were donated or not.