What shilak nails?

manicured nails always attract attention and complement any image.But using a conventional lacquer manicure difficult to achieve longevity.Housework a negative impact on his state: varnish quickly fades and peels.However, the beauty industry is actively developing and presents an exclusive design for women and alluring technology.If you're tired of endlessly fragile and unevenly painted nails, then we offer the innovative technology Shellac, which is an excellent alternative to harmful acrylic.What shilak nails and what are its main advantages?Let's talk about this in the article.

Useful information

Shellac - in fact, resinous natural substance that was previously used for wood processing and manufacturing of the insulation material.At the turn of the last century dentist Stuart Nordstrom has invented an innovative liquid called SolarNail, which became the ancestor of all the nail coatings, including CND Shellac.The main advantages of this software materials- flexibility and strength of the nail plate.

Nail shilak - absolutely new-proven tool in cosmetology.It protects nails from the chemicals and mechanical damage, as well as for a long time does not lose color saturation and does not crack.This is truly worthy of coverage, which makes life a little nicer and easier.If you are staying in doubt, we suggest you learn more about all the advantages of the liquid.

Features and Benefits

explain again what shilak nails: it is a special coating that improves the structure and form of the nail plate.Designed for fragile, brittle and thin nails.The coating gives them elasticity, flexibility, durability and beautiful appearance.Company CND, taking care of the women, came up with a truly unique revitalizing agent, different from the rest of the security.The main advantages include:

- fast application procedure, which does not take more than an hour,

- virtually instantaneous drying - within two minutes.Within 2-3 minutes after applying nail polish, you can quietly go about their business;

- Floor polish shilak kept for at least two weeks, however, remains unchanged: it does not crack, not erased, and does not tarnish;

- liquid completely non-toxic and odorless, so it can be used even in the presence of the child;

- nails under cover and not exposed to dehydrate thinning, unlike acrylic;

- agent does not cause an allergic reaction;

- Removers take about 10 minutes.

This is the perfect innovative coating strengthens the natural nail plate, making it more dense and smooth.This service is now carried out in many beauty salons, the price ranges from 1,000 rubles.

How to shilak?Technology application

Gel polish can be applied to both natural and in the accrued nails (acrylic, gel, tips).Maybe make any design of different shades with Shellac-coating.In appearance it is no different from the usual varnish.With his help create a beautiful manicure and pedicure for an extended period.Before coating do not need to file down the plate, this excludes damage.

To work need 4 bottles.First Master applies degreasing liquid, then the base, the next layer is colored lacquer and secured basis.Each layer is required to dry under UV lamp for three minutes.Thanks to this method of application is excluded lubrication varnish.Even if the master accidentally touched a finger to the layer, it can be easy to adjust, the foundation is not dry yet.The result is a perfectly flat, smooth, defect-free surface and divorces.Each woman will enjoy a variety of opportunities this innovative coating as shilak.The colors on the nails, juicy and attractive can create bright festive way to any event.

Set for home shellac

It is not necessary to visit the salon to make a shellac manicure.This simple procedure can be done at home.Pre-reserved by the following components:

- basis,

- gel Shellac,

- Fixing base (the same company),

- an antibacterial agent,

- ultraviolet lamp,

- Bondex,

- nail file and nailscissors,

- oil to lubricate the cuticle.

Remember, no items are impossible to carry out the procedure.Get a quality manicure is simple - observe all the technology and consistency.Before applying shellac do not forget to cover the foundation plate, end manicure locking means.

French manicure and shellac

Shellac is particularly good for the tunic as manicure will last longer (more than a month).How to shilak French manicure?The process is not very different from the other options.First, you need to degrease the plate, then cover it with the base layer (cuticle touch and edges) and dry for one minute.

are color paint - dry them, and fasten the top cover (do not forget to hold a lamp).After the procedure lubricate the cuticle oil.As a result, we get a smooth monochrome surface, which can be transformed to decorate nail art.Manicure-shilak short nails (picture shown below) always looks particularly beautiful.Now you can forget about repeat procedures and irregularities for 4 weeks!

Removing the cover?

Gel polish can be removed independently, without visiting a specialist.If the coating is applied directly to the nail plate, need a regular acetone or isopropyl alcohol liquid.In the event that the master pre-made nails, shilak removed with a special liquid.In beauty salons removed by gel using professional tools.Remains removed the usual nail file.

Influence shellac nail plate

should be noted that it does not contain hazardous components such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.These substances are highly toxic and have a negative impact on the state of our nails.A shellac was created primarily for the rehabilitation of the nail plate.It does not cause irritation and allergies.

Indispensable coverage for weak, thinning and brittle nails.Reviews most women try this tool, saying that under the shellac nails grow faster, cease to peel off and break.Nail Gel can be used in very hard nails, which lacks flexibility.

This tool is not recommended?

fungal infections are advised not to carry out the procedure.It should refrain from the gel and taking antimicrobial drugs, as the coating will not stay.No more specific contraindications.

How to care?

What shilak nail we found, but how to care for such a manicure?To maintain smooth coating longer be excluded atsetonosoderzhaschimi contact with drugs, or paint peel.While cleaning, wear rubber gloves to skin and nails did not react with aggressive detergents.

In the first few days, please refrain from visiting the solarium, baths and saunas.Also less bothering with hot water.Remove dirt and dust from the nails can be with a conventional cotton pad.Under these uncomplicated rules cover will please you for a long time.

How to store hybrid gel and nail polish?

innovative coating every day is becoming more popular and in demand among customers.This is not surprising, because it has many advantages.To keep longer gel "workers' state (in the form of the drug is kept closed two years) must adhere to the rules of storage.

After each use, wipe the neck of the bottle from the liquid, do not forget to tighten the lid tightly and stored away from sunlight and UV rays.Before applying the mixed contents of the vial to the heavy components are uniformly distributed over the surface.If the nail thickens, then dilute it with alcohol or acetone liquid is counter - disrupted the structure and properties of the coating.

We gave characteristic gel lacquer and fully describe what shilak nails.Finally I want to say that this is a super-modern and high-quality color coating that combines the best properties of varnish and gel modeling.Once you try this tool, you will never want to use a conventional varnish.With simple technology application procedure can be performed at home.We can only carefully examine the theory, become familiar with the master-class, buy the necessary components and to start decorating and decorating their nails.