What products are useful for liver, must be present in the diet?

amazing body - our liver.It is a natural filter that is not only able to clean the blood of toxins, but can also participate in its synthesis.Surgeons do not get tired to be surprised - how is it possible that the liver after removal of the affected part could in the time to recover to its former dimensions.And as the donor tissue attached to the slice of the liver, can totally settle down?

To keep this "factory cleaning", it is important to watch your diet and eat foods that are useful for the liver.It should refrain from what would it hurt.

lists the products that are useful for liver:

  • Carrots, beets - rich in beta-carotene and flavonoids, which are not only able to fully nourish the liver, but also greatly accelerate the cleaning process.
  • Grapefruit - vitamin C and antioxidants in this fruit, normalize liver cleansing process.Very useful grapefruit juice.
  • Green tea - thanks catechines (plant antioxidants) from the body are derived dangerous toxins.
  • Apples - are rich in a substance such as pectin.Together with other valuable chemicals it makes the work more efficient and the liver helps unload it in the process of purification.Apples can truly be classified as "products, useful for the liver."
  • vegetable oil produced by cold pressing.This oil (flax, hemp, olive oil), adsorbing toxins offloads the liver, with the proviso that the oil used in reasonable amounts.
  • Lime and lemon - stimulate the activity of the liver and improve health.
  • Cabbage - though a simple vegetable, but very hard to "make friends" with the liver.And fresh, and pickled and stewed cabbage helps the liver to work without interruption.

does not like liver?

Although many try to eat foods is only useful for the liver is known to be more important is not food, but a way of life.

  • Alcohol abuse is detrimental effect on her condition.Alcohol destroys the cells of this important body.
  • Smoking destroys the liver, because it is not able to cope with a large number of toxins entering the blood.
  • fried and fatty foods cause the liver to work with a large overload.As a result, the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver increases.
  • chronic starvation deprives the liver, it needs nutrients and makes it vulnerable to infections.
  • Use of synthetic intermediates and components inhibit the self-cleaning function of the liver.

Doctors report that the main factor leading to cirrhosis, a disease is considered to be different kinds of hepatitis, which currently has reached epidemic proportions.Hepatitis B and C can affect a person in the most unexpected circumstances.Chronic hepatitis leads to cirrhosis.

Nutrition in liver cirrhosis

General recommendations for patients suffering from cirrhosis:

  • full regular food - a pledge of good health;
  • easily digestible food, does not cause the formation of gas in the intestines;
  • limiting the amount of fat - only vegetable oil (some);
  • strict ban on fried foods, breaded food, concentrated broths, spicy seasonings (pepper, etc.), onions, spinach, garlic, sorrel, nuts, beans, cocoa, confectionery fat-based, chocolate, canned food,alcohol and tobacco;
  • reducing the amount of salt to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity;
  • should eat foods that are beneficial for the liver: cottage cheese, lean meat and fish, vegetable broths, milk soups, soups, mucous soups, low-fat dairy products, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit and juices.

By following these recommendations, you can keep your liver healthy for years to come.