Shelves made of wood by hand.

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Nowadays commercially available any furniture, so cozy furnish the home is not particularly difficult.But, nevertheless, there is still the production of various furniture accessories attracts many with their hands.For example, making a useful thing as a bookcase made of wood.The hands it is possible to make just one evening.But in every house there is a free angle, which can be decorated with a whatnot.

Required tools and materials for the manufacture of

wooden corner shelves, you will need:

  • sheets of plywood (6 mm);
  • ruler and a pencil to mark;
  • tools for sawing;
  • sandpaper;
  • screws;
  • PVA glue.

assembly stage

first measure the angle of the room, where it will be placed shelves.These measurements are transferred to a sheet of plywood, which serve as shelves to the workpiece.Measure out an angle of 90 °, and then carried out from its top arc, makes a quarter of a circle whose radius, for example, 250 mm.

On one side of the shelf next scheduled slots, which will be inserted in the rack.Then they carefully zapilivajut sides.Turning workpiece, such as the grooves cut on the other.So it is necessary to arrange the shelves that make up the shelves of wood.His hands are making a template for the rest of the shelves on the same sample.

To make the second leg a predesigned template is applied to the next sheet of plywood and lead round a pencil and then cut out of this markup.The ends of the shelves all sides trimmed with sandpaper.

shelves must be attached to the uprights.It's kind of frame, which consists of a bookcase.The hands of wood to make it pretty easy.As the workpiece can be used for racks from cuttings shovels.To stack of three shelves fit rack length 0.5-0.6 m. The layout of the produce on their front side.

on racks of shelves note the location, and then the surface of both carefully polished, and only then do the layout of holes for screws.

gradually starts to look your shelves made of wood.The hands can make the front of the semi-circular shelves, machined workpiece hand router (diameter - 6 mm).We should be careful - clamp the workpiece must be well and take a stable position.After that the surface again grind sandpaper.

To permanently adjust the uprights to the grooves, sawn on the shelves, it is necessary to use a circular saw.All the shelves are stacked together for convenience and several adjusting combine them with the slots.Finalization grooves produce a chisel.

Final assembly

Now shelves of wood, manufactured with their hands, ready for final assembly.Please rack fitted to the middle shelf.Moreover, the adhesive for mounting is not used, and cost some screws.The upper and lower shelves fasten screws (length - 50 mm).After connecting all the elements of the bookcase is checked for stability and make the final adjustment.

then twisting the screws and dismantle the entire structure.This is done in order to lubricate all the slots with white glue.Then again, all collected, screw the screws, and here it is - whatnot!The hands of the wood make it very simple.Now only is excess adhesive.After drying to remove the chisel and finished whatnot varnished.It is best suited for this acrylic lacquer.

options etazherok

Shelves due to its simple but very convenient design may be useful not only in living rooms.It will be an excellent complement to the interior hallway and kitchen, not to mention how appropriate shelves of wood for the bathroom.On the shelves, trays and hooks it will be a great place to store various bath accessories, perfumes and detergents.

And this modest furniture accessories in addition to the functionality and aesthetics has.After all, it can be quite interesting to decorate.It looks great in the interior shelves of wood carved as wood products, carved, never go out of fashion.

Now you know how you can make your own bookcase, you only need a little imagination and effort.