Vitamins for the eyes to improve vision: reviews, name and photo

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Excellent vision - this is one of the components of good health.After all, how our eyes see, the life potential usefulness depends on each of us.Therefore, the health of your eyes need to pay close attention to, especially if you have observed any defects or deviations.

Do I need eye vitamins?

In modern times the deterioration of affected by many factors: birth defects, poor diet, stress and anxiety, polluted ecological environment, but the most common diagnoses are still eye diseases associated with prolonged work at the computer.

Permanent overload results in a waste of eye energy that the body needs to produce.The accelerated rate of operation in a large amount leads to loss definition images, myopia.To restore the capacity of our health, unconditionally necessary vitamins for the eye to improve vision.

How to use vitamins for the eyes?

vitamins to restore vision that today you can buy at the pharmacy, may have a positive effect on the eye only if they contain the required list of items, which in the body is not enough.That is, selling drugs in their individual composition is not suitable for everyone.Each person deterioration occurs for different reasons, and it is to them and should act.Some treat nearsightedness, the other night blindness, cataracts others, and in each case need individual dose of certain vitamins.

All vitamins for the eyes to improve vision are taken strictly according to instructions without increasing or decreasing the prescribe dosage.

Be careful!

overdose of vitamins is fraught with the development of hypervitaminosis and a number of serious violations.Therefore, to buy vitamins for the eye to improve vision must be on doctor's advice, focusing on certain drugs specified in the recipe.No amateur can not improve vision, if the pharmacy shelves overflowing with a large assortment of vitamins for the eyes.It is necessary to know and understand.

list of vitamins that affect healthy sight

for full recovery of the human body should act vitamins E, A, C, D, B, B1, B2, niacin and folic acid, lutein, zinc, selenium,cyanocobalamin, Alpha-acid.This list is contained in certain foods.

shortage of retinol - vitamin A - is the cause of night blindness, conjunctivitis, barley, loss of visual acuity in twilight and darkness.It is very rich in this vitamin are foods like carrots, rose hips, parsley, dried fruit, liver, fatty fish varieties, tomatoes, citrus fruits.

Vitamin E Eye is an essential element in the short-sightedness, the main component in the restoration of retinal cells.It is rich in vitamin E, vegetable, corn, and of wheat germ oil.

Vitamin D strengthens the eye tissues, necessary for proper muscle contraction and is very useful in the development of myopia.The main source of this element are the mushrooms - mushrooms.

ascorbic acid - vitamin C - an element which strengthens blood vessels, relaxes the eye muscles.Excellent helps irritations eyeballs and perfectly removes fatigue under heavy loads.A lot of ascorbic acid contained in cabbage, peppers, rose hips, citrus, black currant.

B vitamins - are the elements that ensure proper operation of the optic nerves.From vitamin B1 depends on the intraocular pressure.Vitamin B2 protects the retina from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.Vitamin B3, known as niacin is responsible for the full circulation in the eye area.Vitamin B6 - is a guarantee of stability of the nervous system and the absence of eye fatigue.Vitamin B12 is responsible for restoring the ocular nerves.

B vitamins taken in glaucoma and cataracts.The source of these vitamins is a wholemeal bread.

Lutein protects the eyes from the destruction of the retina.Its a lot of spinach, cabbage and corn.

Folic acid is responsible for the elasticity of the tissue of the cornea.The source of it are bananas, apples and all the roots.

Zinc and selenium help the body in metabolizing vitamin A. These components may be found in mussels, oysters, seaweed, pepper, onion and garlic.

cyanocobalamin strengthens optic nerves.His lot is contained in the egg yolk, meat and dairy products.

Alpha-acid - an element that is essential for people with diabetes.This greatly affects the diagnosis of vision loss.It is possible to make up for the lack of eating spinach and rice.

digestive system and metabolism of each person is unique, and many vitamins in this list can not be absorbed properly.To replenish the body by a single vitamin, it is often necessary to use a certain product in large quantities.Therefore, more comfortable and full replenishment of the body are used vitamins for the eye to improve vision in the form of a droplet of drugs or tablets containing the desired concentration of nutrients.

Is it better to use - fortified drops or tablets?

sale encountered a variety of vitamins to improve vision.Reviews of many patients increasingly accentuated drop in the preparations.Their positive point of view, evaluate and doctors.Why is that?

Reception fortified tablets connected with a hit of vitamins in the digestive system first, and then the concentration of a particular element comes to the eye through the blood supply system.This process is the same length as the intake of natural products.But the droplets have a local effect and are directly applicable in the areas of eye patients, which accelerates the effect of instantly fill in missing vitamins.

Drops Eye doctors often prescribed in the diagnosis of complex diseases, or to prevent them.Fortified drugs tablets in the initial stages of visual impairment.

fortified eye drops

What to buy drops - vitamins for the eye - to improve vision?

reviews positive nature of many who removes eyestrain after a day spent at the computer, pay attention to such a drug as "Riboflavin".This drop, which contain B vitamins

If eye irritation, cataract, corneal diseases attributed to so many fortified drug drops "Taufon."This sulfur-containing acid.Many people have noted the positive effect of these drops on the rapid removal of inflammation, eliminate dryness.These drops are used during the continuous operation of the computer monitor often office workers.

most inexpensive and affordable for many drops "Visine".They speak positively about their allergies, office workers and welders who are struggling with tear eye irritation, redness, dryness and corneal burns.

Supplements and restoration of

To restore full eye health and apply specialized dietary supplements.Many people who trust Badam, use vitamins with blueberries for eyes.They are very quickly absorbed by the body, so of them to create the same effect as from the drops.

blueberry supplements containing zinc, many praising its effectiveness in relieving fatigue from his eyes, and in the restoration of retinal function.

Children's vision and vitamins

In modern times blurred vision associated with greater adult professional strenuous activity.But the sight of many children still dependent on genetic factors, which today are not happy ophthalmologists statistics of healthy children's eyes, the treatment of which also apply fortified products.

During the treatment of children and pupils and prescribed exercises, and vitamins for the eyes.For children, use only the children's medications.Too many parents have experienced their children fortified effectiveness of such funds to the eye as a drop "Lyutaflyunol» and «Pikivit omega», which are used in a sharp decrease in vision and eye fatigue, homeopathic vitamins "Dopelgerts pharma», which restore the correct operation of the eye muscles.

What vitamins for the eyes of children the most preferable?

As the body of the child requires constant presence of nutrients that contribute to the full development.The most essential vitamins for the eyes (to improve vision) for children - it is A, E, C, B2.Particular attention should be paid to the parents enough vitamin A. To prevent the deficit is better to take vitamin A as part of multivitamin complexes "Oligovit", "peak", "Revit".

treatment of children should take place under the close supervision of ophthalmologist.It appoints dose vitamins, as an excessive concentration in the body may cause side effects and development of other diseases.

few important tips

If the food fails to fill the whole list of the essential vitamins for healthy vision, you should not get involved in drugs fortified.Sufficient content of vitamins in the human body affects not only the development of good vision, but also to other physiological processes.Self-treatment can harm themselves.This should be remembered always.

self-diagnosis with the disease of the eye totally inappropriate, and the use of drugs to treat them without doctors appointments too.

to eyes tired and annoyed his dryness and redness should take frequent breaks during the work, which is associated with care, constant voltage, special exercises, training near and far vision, focusing on a variety of subjects.