In Germany, all drivers eerily afraid of being sent to Idiotentest.Why is that?This - below!

Here you sit himself in his German apartment, eat pies, then you have to notification letter with a photo of your car.Speeding 20 km / h and a decent amount of the fine.The permitted speed on the city by the way - 50 km / h.

Well, to grieve, to pay ... And then the mood is - drive hunting, the evening after work, but on high-veyu ... And once again came to the penalty!

And the third time has not come, more will come, and to him even notice - they say that you are deprived of the right to drive a vehicle for three months.If caught you - go to jail.Back to the right you can get only three months and only if the pass Idiotten test.Just

German authorities believe that if you are the first penalty did not understand that it is not necessary to break, the second did not understand, so even with the third did not understand, then you - you idiot.So - welcome to psychologists !!!

Idiotten test just like that, without training can not pass, so you need to visit about 40 sessions with a psychologist, who will be a long and tedious to read you a lecture on the topic of how to drive a car, to behave behind the wheel and how to think real driver.Each session is an hour and costs 100 euros.That is, in addition to fines for exceeding, you will need another 4,000 EUREKA pay for the course.

After each session you put a stamp that has passed, they say.Come on idiotten test, dies checked - if you have all 40, to give up.And chances are that you will hand over there.If you do not have 40 dies, most likely will not hand over.Blockages.

And the questions that are out there asking, untrained person can not answer.


1. The house with an elevator in category 2 nd floor living ctomatolog, on the 3rd lawyer and fourth prostitute.Which button lifte will most pressing?

2. How much land is located in a hole the size of W x 2 x 3 m?

3. A man has four daughters: Lala, Lele, Lolo and Lulu.What is the name the fifth?

4. How often can you change for 100 euros kypyuru?

5. Direct turn - he, she or it?

6. If cigarettes rose by a third, and you began to smoke a third less.Does it that you spend more money on kyrevo?

7. Seven and eleven bundles of hay piled in a stack.How many bundles of work?

8. Half of baldness has 60 hair as the hair on the whole bald head?

9. The train travels from north to south.The wind is blowing from the south.Where is blowing smoke?

10. 2 father and 2 sons went to rybalky.Catch a total of three fish, but each one brings home caught fish.As it turns out well.

11. On the border grazing land farmers Mayer and Schmidt grazing bull belonging to a farmer Muller.Who can the plug be milked?

12.'ll show you my hands.It's 10 fingers.How many fingers on 10 hands.

13. A duck swims in front of the other two, one behind the two ducks, one between the two.How many ducks swimming?

14. Two planes flying from London to Berlin.One spends 1.25 hours, another 75 minutes.Which aircraft will be faster than in Berlin?

15. If you write the numbers from 1 to 100, how much you write paz tsifpy 9?

16. If you write the numbers from 1 to 111, how many times you write the number 1?

17. Imagine that you are a bus driver, and the rain, the first stop of 7 people sit down in the second - 2-e and 3 sit-e out.The next two one came out, then came out and went down 4 2. How old is the driver of the bus and how many stops?

18. Do you participate in the race.You overtook the second.What position are you now?

19. Are you ahead of the latter.What position do you currently nahodites?

20. Before the monastery a nun kissing a man saw it and now it must be justified before God.Nun: "The mother of the man-in-law of my mother."Who is this chelovek?

21. In the center of the village is a 15-tsenterny heavy stone when roosters kukapekayut - he moves.Is this possible?

22. In humans, square house, each side c facing south.Comes bear.What color is the bear?

23. It is not my brother or my sister.But his father - my father and he was a child my mother.Who is it?

24. permitted to myzhy my sister to marry his widow?

25. If we divide 30 by 0.5 and add 10, then what comes out?

26. In some months, 30 days, while other 31 and 20, how many?

27. Can chelovek, who lives in Hamburg, to be buried in Munich?

28. Do you have a match, and you walk into a dark room.The room has a candle, a kerosene lamp, and a fireplace.What do you zazhzhesh first?

29. How many days of birth is the average person?

30. You are my son, but I'm not your father.Who said that?

31. How many animals Moses took on the ark?

32. Whether there is in England, October 3?

34. Three frogs eat three myh three minutes.How many minutes needed 100 to 100 flies frogs?

35. On the wire 10 sit sparrows.Strelyaet kid with a slingshot and shoots down one.How many sparrows left on the wire?

36. On the border between Germany and Austria has sunk the passenger liner.Where to bury the survivors?

37. A doctor gives you three pills telling that you have to take one every half hour.How long will you take pills?

38. German glider fell between Germany and Austria.Both countries argue over who will take dvigatel.Who will get it?

39. How many times a day, the same as the clock?

40. How many times can you take one in ten?

41. The box is messed up yellow 4 pairs of socks, three pairs of green and 3 pairs of red socks.How many socks you need to take to ensure that the Vah there is at least one pair of socks the same color?

42. In the meadow stand-bull dad, mom and baby cow-bull.K who goes the baby-bull to drink?

43. Until then you can not touch your right hand?

44. What animals jump higher than the 5-storey building?

45. How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?

46. Can you carry water in a sieve?

47. Which mountain, before the opening of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world?

48. What do you understand under the railway bridge?

49. To whom all take my hat?

50. If I have the yellow handkerchief, and around midnight on December 19, I will throw it into the Black Sea, what happened to a handkerchief?

51. How far can a dog run into the woods?

52. Two mothers and two daughters go shopping together.They have a total of 300 °.Each of them buys one dress for the 100E.Enough money for everyone.How is it possible?

53. Even today, in many parts of the world using the ancient invention that allows people to see through the walls!What is this invention?

54. Thomas Cook was captured lyudoedami.They offered him a choice, they would kill him.He said: "If sovrёsh - you decoctions, a if you tell the truth - the fire."He was able to give an answer, to stay alive.What did he say?

55. Which city is exactly 3,333 km to the west from the North Pole?

56. A man looks at the photo and said, "I have no brother, no son, but the father of the man nA etoy photos moego father's son."Who nA PHOTO?

57. If the daughter of Anne the mother of my son, and I'm a man, who am I to Anne?

58. Four ticket costs 1E, a single ticket costs 30 cents.Passenger silence gives 1E and also silently received Four ticket.As the bus driver realized that the passenger would like Four ticket?

59. Peter's mother has three children: Huey, Dewey, and ...?

60. Cheloveku in 1995 was twenty years old in 2000, he was fifteen.How can it be?

61. Why is the wild white medvedi not edyat penguins?

62. Frau and Herr Myers has four daughters.Each daughter has one brother.How many children Meyers?

63. What do the butcher and thrush if they get married?

64. In my basket three boiled eggs for breakfast.Three people took an egg, but an egg is still in the basket.How is it possible?

65. Imagine you 6-kilometer bridge that can withstand 25 tons povno.Fully curb fupa, including the driver, which weighs exactly 25 tonnes traveling on the bridge.In seredine bridge on the truck got 30 grams sparrow.However, the bridge is not rushitcya.Why is that?

66. She landed in a pond lily growing rapidly, which increases twice a day.On the second day in a pond lily already two, four on the third, the fourth day eight, etc.After 26 days, the pond was filled with lilies.How many days the pond was half full of water lilies?

67. Marcus shoots a gun - all run away!He shoots again - all are back!Why is that?

68. I was invited to a party where I saw a man with very few hours.Otkyda I know that they were stolen?

69. 6 plus 7 equals 13 or 7 to 13 plus 6?

70. The man is a doctor and said that his wife had an inflammation of appendicitis.The doctor says, "It can not be, I deleted it himself two years ago!"However, the man is right!How can it be?

(poreshat at your leisure.)

But the answers!

1. Button the first floor

2. Not at all (in the pit there is no land!)

3. Mona (not Lily).

4. One time, and then she was bargaining.

5. Wrong Turn right there!

6. Less.Assuming that one pack is three euros before you smoked three packs a day - out 9 euros a day.After you spend 8 euros for 2 packs.

7. One stack or one large armful (not 18!)

8. Zero.The whole bald - bald!

9. Electric motors do not smoke.

10. Because they - son, father and grandfather.

11. Nobody.Bulls are not milked.

12. 50. 10 x 5 = 50

13. 3

14. Both are equally fast.

15. 20 times

16. 36 times

17. The bus driver - it's you, and there were four bus stops.

18. Position 2, you became the second.

19. You can not overtake the latter.

20. Father

21. Yes, of course.Rooster also moves when the crows.

22. White.Polar bear.

23. I myself.

24. No, he's already dead.

25. 70 (1/2 is 0.5. So 30: 0.5 = 60 + 10 = 70)

26. In all 12 months.

27. No, he's still alive.

28. Matches.

29. One.

30. Mother.

31. None.It was Noah.

32. Yes, after the second October

33. 6 (first multiplication)

34. Also 3 minutes.One frog eats a fly in 3 minutes.

35. 0 (all the sparrows flew away)

36. Nowhere.They will live on.

37. One hour.

38. Nobody.We do not have the airframe engine.

39. 22 times

40. 1 times.Then he will have 9.

41. 4 sock because the three colors.

42. To anyone.Mother-bull does not happen.

43. Before your right hand.

44. Almost all because the house can not jump.(Elephants do not jump)

45. One.Then the stomach is not empty.

46. Yes, as ice.

47. Also Everest

48. Not a word.If it rides the train.

49. Before hairdresser.

50. He gets wet.

51. Until the middle of the forest.Then she runs out of the woods.

52. It is a daughter, mother and grandmother.

53. Window.

54. He said, "You have me cook."

55. Directions to the North Pole can only be to the south.

56. His daughter.

57. In-law.

58. The passenger gave the driver 1- € trifle.

59. Peter.

60. BC.Countdown.

61. Polar bears live at the North Pole and penguins at the South.

62. Five.Four daughters and one son,

63. wedding.

64. by third party I give a basket with eggs in it.

65. The truck fuel consumed on the way to the center of the bridge.

66. The day before, on the 27th day.

67. False start on the treadmill.

68. It was my own hours.

69. 8 plus 7 equals 15

70. The new wife.

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