8 prohibited gestures at the interview

There is no such person who would not be nervous at the interview.But someone can keep yourself in the hands, while the other experiences "crawl" out uncontrollably in facial expressions and gestures.A few tips based on the stories of recruiters that can spoil the impression of the Applicant ...

not biting his nails
«Some people are starting to nail-biting excitement.I agree that it is a terrible sight.One candidate for the open position struck me that did it so methodically nail for a nail that wanted to advise him to change his profession.On manikyurschika. "

Keep your hands to yourself
«Too many applicants nervously" torturing "a variety of items: pens, pencils, sheets of paper, documents and even their own things on the table the interviewer.Incident happens a lot.One handle shattered to pieces, and he forgot about the conversation, rushed her to collect.Another almost its entire notebook torn to shreds. "
«A young man during the interview twisted a button on his shirt.It is a fascinating spectacle.I even listened with half an ear: I was more fascinated with the question: tear off or not?But most of this "disease" is found in girls, one earring pulls, the other - a pendant on a chain.And once soiskatelnits kulonchik fingers twisted-twisted, and then brought it to his mouth - a little bite.Surprisingly simple. "

and legs
«One came to interview a very decent man, who claims to head the department.When we started talking, I suddenly felt a strange trembling, even scared at first: whether inside me some terrible premonition awoke, whether an earthquake begins.Then he looked closer, and this is my companion at the table leg shaking, as if his psychiatrist at the reception on foot hammer often-often knocks.Nervous. "

left alone nose
«Several times across a candidate who did not give the rest of their own nose.They scratched it, constantly fiddling.Of course, this is no reason to deny the expert in office.But such gestures do not add any points. "

not necessary, as in advertising
«One nice lady came to applying for the post of Secretary.In soiskatelnitsy was a smart shock of red hair.And it permanently or brushing them with your hands, or shook his head, as in television advertising shampoo.I found that this habit is unacceptable for the Secretary-General.Somehow too indiscreet and frivolous. "

«Protruding tongue - a sign of extreme concentration and tension.Inspired by some painstaking affair, it is doing a lot of kids, and some adults often do not control themselves.Nothing special about it, but when a candidate by filling in the form, tongue protrudes almost to the ear, it makes a bad impression. "

Do not close your mouth.Hand
«There are people who have a very unpleasant manner: during a conversation to keep your hands near the mouth.First, it distorts speech.Second, psychologists believe that this habit may indicate a human tendency to lie. "

not "Julia»
«One man throughout the interview a second could not sit still on a chair.His response, he was accompanied by a variety of gestures: it leaned too far forward, then abruptly fell back and just fidgeted in his chair, as if he had a pain in the same place.In my opinion, too agile candidate.But oddly enough, in the end we got him. "

It is clear that to get a job, it is necessary, first of all, be professional.Not argue with that.But if even a very smart and experienced just can not control yourself, it will be a huge problem in the process of employment.The person will be denied for failure and discouraged.That means we need to work on yourself, take a closer look after themselves.And if not impossible - to go for help to psychologists

Articles Source: newspaper "Working for you";rabota.ru