Silk fabric - ideal for tailoring exquisite items

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Silk ... you immediately imagine a gentle touch, a nice, smooth surface having a light structure.Comfort and elegance - it is with these qualities associated silk fabric.And it is not so important, it is thick or very thin, transparent.Silk products are always amazing.

history of silk

Silk fabric has a long history.More than three thousand years ago, China began to grow silkworms, of filaments of which have learned to do new and amazing stuff.Along with the ease and gentleness, he was very strong.The secret of the manufacture of tissue and growing silkworms kept a closely guarded secret, tried to take the mystery out of China were subjected to the death penalty.Still fraudulently wonderful caterpillar larvae were in Byzantium.Later, silk spread around the world.This fabric has always been considered a very expensive and worth its weight in gold, are often used as currency in trade.Only the rich and noble people could afford to buy a silk cloth and enjoy the products of this material.Over time, China has lost the monopoly on the production of amazing fabrics, but managed to keep the secret and the uniqueness of silk embroidery on silk.Master this technique still create unique masterpieces.European production of silk fabrics began to form around the XV century and a century fully adjusted.

properties and types of fabrics

Natural silk has properties that because of its uniqueness appreciated around the world.

Firstly, the fabric is very durable and retains its original luster for many years.

Secondly, hygroscopic tissue contributes to increased absorption of moisture, but at the same time, it dries quickly.

Third, silk fabric has a high circulation features, but it does not attract dust and retains heat well.

Fourth, natural hypoallergenic material ensures and promotes the appearance of insects.

Besides all the above, silk fabric almost crumple and do not shrink in the wash, which is very important when tailoring products, whether linen or elegant evening dresses.A drapery obtained simply gorgeous, and this property is used to create home textile, as finished products look rich and are interior decoration, its highlight.

Some properties depend directly on the type of fabric.For example, the atlas is durable silk, so the most widely used for sewing high-end bedding.Crepe de Chine and Chiffon - thin lightweight fabric from which sew "air" blouse or scarf.A true organza curtain fabrics is considered that a rigid in its structure, but very thin.The most elegant silk fabrics - brocade, decorated with gold or silver threads.

As you can see, the range is very wide.You can easily find the most suitable fabric that meets any of your demands and whims, to make a unique and delicious product, whether it's an evening dress, a silk robe or cloak on the bed.