What is the examination of industrial safety of design documentation

Examination of industrial safety of design documentation is a necessary procedure for the approval of the expansion project, retrofitting, liquidation or conservation dangerous production and many others.Such events, which include technical examination of the object and the expert opinion of specialists, engaged in the Federal Service for Nuclear, Technological and Environmental Supervision, more popularly known as Rostekhnadzor.

Regardless of the reasons for treatment, industrial safety examination of the project documentation is governed mainly by the Federal Law No. 116-FZ of 1997, the procedure for determining requirements for the safety of hazardous industrial facilities, as well as a number of regulations of Rostekhnadzor.In addition, there is a newer version of the Law 243-FZ, dating from the year 2011 to be applied when needed construction expertise at home.The essence of this document is that at modernization, along with the ongoing reconstruction of a dangerous object, the project must include a plan for retrofitting, and all related papers to be checked by experts.If this plan is not included in the project, required expertise of industrial safety of design documentation for the project of reconstruction and for all documents for re.

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Usually when checking hazardous objects is taken into account a number of factors that need to comply with regulations such as safety at work, accident prevention with the localization of the possible consequences, besides all these criteria must necessarily be justification and calculations.In addition, the experts assess compliance with staffing standards for TK dangerous production tracking system check compliance with unsafe machinery and materials, repair systems, emergency shutdown, as well as considering the possibility of penetrating into the territory of the enterprise of unauthorized persons.To avoid potential errors, all measurements and assessments are made prior to the re-equipment, liquidation or conservation of the object.In addition, re-examination is carried out even in the case of adjustments to the documents.

If the experts give a negative conclusion, the customer is obliged to change the project work so that he has come into compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, after which evaluation is carried out again.When the required expertise of industrial safety of design documentation, you need to provide a number of documents:

- a statement which will indicate the features and specifications of the facility;
- all project documentation supplements and schemes;
- of initial permits.

addition, often require economic and technical feasibility of planned measures.The conclusion is usually positive or negative, indicating the reasons for non-compliance, so that the client has the opportunity to correct any shortcomings and ask for a new examination.If we talk about the timing, there is no universal scheme, it all depends on the individual case and its scale.