How to beat his fist, not injuring the hand

Sometimes a punch is of great importance.The fact that the fight is not good, we all remember from childhood instruction from their mothers and grandmothers, but situations in life are different.For example, in self-defense to know about how to properly punch without damaging the hand is necessary.Also today, a lot of guys, and the girls are addicted to martial arts techniques.There are even women - world champion in boxing.In any case, even if we only consider the question of self-defense, the information cited in the article useful.

Punching can be divided into three types: direct, side and hit the bottom.In all cases, you should know how to beat his fist to without damaging the hand to bring the opponent out of action.

course, some knowledge is not enough and you need to keep fit.Not necessarily the whole day to spend in the gym, doing hard exercises and / or weightlifting.Perform simple exercise can be at home, do not you?Often guys ask how to fill his fists?Good question, because the hands have a fighter must be strong as, in principle, any person who is friends with exercise.

there are a lot of ways, but first simply start push-ups on the floor with their fists, lingering longer in the starting position at the top.So you can actually strengthen the hand.You can also simply in position for push-ups stand with their fists and feet to put, for example, on a windowsill or table.The surface gradually selected more rigid, until the asphalt.Not only need to forget about the sanity in any case, in the rush to not to injure your hands well before meeting with potential enemy!

Traditionally, people who practice martial arts, fists stuffed with the so-called "makiwara".This is a special simulator that you can make yourself or buy.In particular, it can be wall cushion with rubber crumb inside or dug into the ground log, wrapped layers of straw.You can even pinned to the wall of stacked papers and stuffing them fists.But at this stage, you should know how to punch, so as not to injure your hands.Consider the nuances that will make an impact is stronger, but it is safer for us:

  • Incorrect folding fist, you are putting your fingers at risk of injury, sprains and even fractures.In no event should not be placed inside of the thumb.It should be located outside of the folded fist.Otherwise, dealing a heavy blow, you almost certainly injure him.That is four fingers as if you need to fold (bend), putting them bent large.
  • clenched his fists very tightly and it is necessary to beat flat surface, but not knuckle.The impact must occur in the plane and not on a separate pin, the brush has to be a direct continuation of the forearm.Otherwise there is a risk of injury.
  • damage not due to hand strength, and with simultaneous activation of the hip, shoulder and arm.That is the power achieved by the weight of the body.
  • Do not fully straighten the elbow during strikes, to not waste energy in vain, and not to put his hand in a vulnerable position.

Learn how to punch, you can considered a punching technique.Suppose that the blow will be inflicted with his right hand.Hence, the right foot should be firmly on the surface (floor, ground), firmly resting against her.From this stop should be starting from the waist, expand housing with the transfer of energy to the arms, shoulders and, accordingly, to the tightly clenched fist.

From the above information it can be seen that the main body of the work must be carried out.Therefore, no training is not enough.It trains the body in stressful situations triggered automatically.Better course, that information on how to properly punch, we will never come in handy, but even in terms of the benefits of exercise training does not hurt anyone.