Secret and interesting facts about the Moon

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moon - near to us the cosmic body, the most noticeable object in the night sky.Not surprisingly, he is also the most studied and the only one on the surface of which is untouched by human hands.But we can not say that everything is known about the Moon.Part of its secrets, it is still not disclosed.Some interesting facts about the moon have a conventional explanation, but occasionally get an alternative interpretation.

specifications night lights

moon - the only companion of our planet.It makes one revolution around the Earth in about 27.32 days.This satellite orbit is more elongated shape.The average distance that separates us from the night-lights, is a little less than 400 thousand kilometers.The most significant facts about the Moon for children - this is probably the phase change and the fact that before it can fly.Adult amateur astronomers of all time were interested in its origin, the influence of the weather on the Earth and the fate of people.

Legend of Moon

satellite of the Earth - the hero of many myths.Some of them explains the appearance of the moon in the sky, the other says that was the reason for the change of phase.Almost all the nations, among others honored and personification of the moon god or goddess.In Greek mythology, it was the first Selena, whose name was later called the science that studies the Earth satellite (selenology).

Legends about the Moon, explains why it is full, it turns into a month, often were associated with the tragic events in the life of the lights.In Baltic Moon for treason beautiful sun punished terrible god of thunder Perkunas, chopping it into pieces.In Siberia, the famous myth of a night light down to earth and was caught evil sorceress.Sun Moon tried to escape from the hands of a witch, but as a result she is torn into two parts.

There were many plots to explain clearly visible spots on the face of the sun.In some people, this man, who was exiled as a punishment, while others - an animal that lives on the moon.

amazing coincidence

Many legends explain and solar eclipses.Today, listing interesting facts about the Moon, its role in this phenomenon is often omitted as the proverbial.However, it demonstrates the eclipse of a curious thing: the combination of distance from the Sun to the Moon and on the night light to the earth and the size of the Moon as if specially chosen.Be the embodiment of Greek Selene is located a little further or closer, or if its size was different, we would either do not know what the total eclipse, or do not have the opportunity to admire the solar corona.The moon is "hanging" it so that daylight shone periodically placed completely behind her, showing a beautiful frame.

Moreover, the surprise and the numerical values ​​of the parameters: the distance from the Earth to the Moon is, as already mentioned, about 400 thousand kilometers, and it is 400 times less than before the sun, and the very night light gives daylight size also 400 times.These facts about the moon is often used as proof of the theory of its artificial origin.


similar opinion in the 60s of the last century were of Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, Soviet scientists.His theory they reinforce information that all the craters in a huge number covering the moon's surface, with different areas have approximately the same depth - not more than three kilometers.The reason it can be the presence of a solid structure that is located below the surface of the night lights.

Today, in various articles in the network hypothesis of artificial origin of the satellite is in the list titled "The Secret facts about the moon."However, recognized at the moment is considered theory, it is "the beginning of the earth."According to her, about 4.5 billion years ago our planet collided with a space object, similar in size to Mars.He knocked out a piece of cloth, which later became a companion.The dispute, however, has not yet set the last point: the information available is insufficient to confidently assert that it happened this way.


One American astronauts for the first time seeing the moon from the window of a spacecraft, compared it to the surface with sand on the beach dirty.From the Earth to the satellite it does not look so sad.Interesting facts about the moon and its associated visible color.

Most of the time the month is painted in ash gray, but the stories are cases where in the sky of a blue moon.The color is associated with the occurrence of an additional "filter" that prevents the passage of light rays.This is possible during major fires or volcanic eruptions.Large compared with air molecules scatter particles allow light waves along its length corresponding to blue color and its shades.Such a case was recorded in 1950, when as a result of fires in peatlands of Alberta (province in Canada) hung the moon, painted in blue.

Two full moon

term "blue moon" has another meaning.As the night light to pass all the phases in less than 28 days, sometimes for a month, two full moon falls.The second and received the title of "blue moon."There is a phenomenon of a little less than once every 2.72 years.The nearest is in July 2015: the first full moon - the number 2, and the blue moon - 31.


The most interesting thing about the Moon and its color in the coming year can be found by looking at the sky on April 4 and 28 September.In these days of bloody moon rises.Such sinister companion gets through refracted rays of the sun in the Earth's atmosphere.The glow of the moon, in principle, always a reflected light daylight.The difference these days is that the full moon coincides with the sunset or sunrise.Red - the same color, "dressed" in which appears to us the day-star, sinking below the horizon or rising above it.

twice reflected

with the radiating light is one more phenomenon, often, but interesting.On the Moon we all know from childhood: it has consistently held 4 phases and only one of them, the full moon, you can admire the entire illuminated companion.However, it also happens that the sky hangs a month, and can be seen quite clearly, and sometimes the entire disk.This so-called Earthshine Moon.The phenomenon occurs, or some time before the new moon, or shortly thereafter.Sputnik, lit only in a small part, yet fully visible as part of the sunlight is first dispersed in the Earth's atmosphere, then falls to the surface of the moon, and then again reflected on our planet.

The peculiarities of the ashen light of the satellite made predictions about changing weather conditions.The possibility exists thanks to the predictions of the optical phenomenon due to the nature of cloud cover on the land that is currently illuminated by the sun.In the European part of Russia bright light ash, which becomes the result of reflection rays from the cyclonic activity in the Atlantic, it portends rainfall in about a week.

On and on

optical phenomena interesting facts about the moon are not exhausted.With its distance from Earth is connected another interesting point.Sputnik every year becomes farther from our planet.For the twelve months increased by a distance of 4 cm. Remove the satellite - a consequence of gravitational tidal interaction between it and the planet.Luna, is known to cause flushing in the world, not only in water but also in the cortex, less noticeable in amplitude but with a much longer wavelength.They, in turn, affect the satellite: due to some peculiarities of the rotation of the Earth and the moon around the planet on its axis several tidal waves ahead of the satellite.As a result, the whole mass of the Earth, which is contained in these waves affect the motion of the satellite, pulling him and making faster orbit around the planet.This is the reason for the change of the orbit of the moon, its distance from Earth.

fond memory

There was a time when scientists because of the lack of data poorly understood that this moon.Unknown facts of that period cease to be a mystery thanks to a successful space missions with astronauts on board.However, studying satellite is not always lucky.Part of the astronauts killed in the preparation of flight.They are set on the Moon tiny monument to a height of only 8 cm. Attached is a list of all the astronauts who gave their lives in the name of science.


And this monument, and traces of the astronauts who went on the moon, as well as family photos left by one of the crew on the Moon remain intact for centuries.The satellite of our planet has no atmosphere, there is no wind and water.Nothing can lead to a rapid transformation of traces of human presence in the dust.

immediate future

NASA's ambitious plans for the development of the satellite.In 2010 there was a project "Avatar", involving the creation of special robots equipped with telepresence human function.If the project is realized, the scientists do not need to fly to the moon.To study its features will be enough to put on a special suit telepresence, and all the necessary manipulations make the robot delivered to the satellite.

The Earth

moon turned to us always of the same party.The reason for this synchronization movement of the satellite and its orbit around the Earth's rotation.One of the most memorable sights to see American astronauts set foot on the Moon, was kind to the Earth.Our planet is a big part of the sky satellite.And the earth is hanging motionless always in the same place, but seen one or the other side.Over time, all of the same gravity-tidal interaction of the rotation of the planet around its axis is synchronized with the movement of the moon in its orbit.Sputnik "hang" cease to move across the sky, the Earth will "look" at it only one way.At the same time cease to increase the distance separating the two space bodies.

These are 10 interesting facts about the Moon.The list, however, are not limited to.Newly emerged in recent years, interest in satellite still will bear fruit and have the facts about the Moon, in part mentioned in the article replenished.It is likely that one of them will be the base on the Moon, to be set up for the development of mineral resources, monitoring of terrestrial processes and, of course, for the satellite itself.