Smart Card - the best helper in any business

In the new millennium, when the volume and type of information gained enormous size, steel desperately needed new methods and programs for their quick assimilation.Such methods soon appeared and were called "smart cards."Their creator - Tony Buzan, the famous psychologist and author of many books on self-improvement, the development of memory and thinking.His most famous work - the book "Supermyshlenie", created in collaboration with his brother, is a hit, and the fulcrum of many of his followers.

What is Mind Mapping?

smart cards (with English. Mindmap, or mental map) - is a creative way of disclosure topics, concepts, ideas, any object of thought or story.They will help you to:

  • time planning and activities;
  • systematization and distribution of necessary information;
  • the development of memory, increase mental activity;
  • preparing for action;
  • studies, absolutely any professional sphere, be it marketing, economics teaching, industry, etc.etc.;
  • finding the necessary solutions in a difficult situation;
  • exploring various options of events and decisions in order to identify the best for you.

Smart Cards from Tony Buzan gained widespread due to the simplicity of their execution.Their efficiency is to increase productivity, often quite widely.

How to create?

smart card very easy to create - you need to be just a pen and piece of paper can be used as a computer screen, tablet, laptop.The brain learns more easily multi-colored and multi-dimensional mind map than a normal gray outline of the schemes and tables, so it is best to use colored pens or pencils.

  1. The first thing you need to stock up on material, that is, information that you distribute through the branches.
  2. Then you must create a central image, which will be built with a map on a piece of your mind and when you will need it.
  3. From this image, draw several thick lines, they will symbolize the main ideas, key points or phrases.
  4. From these branches draw small branches that are minor key.

As you can see, the smart card is easily supplemented with additional branch elements and associations, easy to read, easily accessible to understand.

how the brain works?

In order to understand how the smart card, we need to begin to understand the principles of the brain.We all know that the brain has two hemispheres, each responsible for his peculiar only functional set.For example, the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and consistency of meaning, words, numbers, formulas, charts and analysis.While the right - is the perception of rhythm and color, depth and space, imagination and presentation of images.Most people in solving their problems rely mainly on the left hemisphere, and a constant load only one second lobe atrophy, resulting in losing the whole brain, as basic potential is not exploited.

Maps loaded the whole brain

brain is functioning perfectly when connecting the two hemispheres, and then tried to reach Tony Buzan, creating a new method.Figures connected to the right hemisphere, and the links between them - left, good ratio of both can be used those reserves which had not been claimed.So the smart card will work around your brain, and its constant use will make the usual imaging, which is crucial in all areas of life.So, many people say that, having worked with the cards for a long time, they notice that their finish building already in his head when reading or communicating, and it does not bring chaos, but on the contrary, increases understanding.Using your brain with such intensity, you will be able to ensure its normal functioning and performance.

Smart Cards: program

Who in the world are very popular special programs that can help you quickly and competently to create mental maps.The world is now created about two hundred a variety of programs in different categories:

  • paid;
  • free;
  • online services.

work for them is quite simple: first you need to go to the editor and to start with the "creation of a new mind maps."Immediately there a convenient dialog box in which you will need to start building a mental map with the introduction of key words - the program immediately creates a central symbol painted with your word.After this, you will need to enter additional keywords that will be responsible for the branch emanating from the central character.Each branch of the program will be drawn and painted by myself, and you can edit all aspects, from the color scheme of the building and finishing of all branches.You can also copy and reproduce the branches, move and delete files at will.Very convenient, is not it?

What are the benefits of programs?

smart cards will help you to intelligently distribute all of the information and to paint its key points.But what do you do if the amount of information is enormous and can not enter into the standard scheme, painted on a piece of paper?That is why the programs have become so popular - they will help you to create a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional maps, with large volumes of data and partitions.

Megaintellekt card - a large-scale smart cards, examples of which you can find in your editing software or online services.This method is popular in industry and large companies, but it may be useful to anyone who resorts to such techniques.They will help you to improve performance, and your card to acquire hyperlinks with multilevel information, the development of ideas for new centers of cards - after each such intelligence-card will be part of a larger whole, is designed to help you in any endeavor.