"Your connection is not protected " (Chrome): what to do?SSL connection error in Google Chrome: how to fix ?

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Browser Google Chrome (just after his release in 2008) quickly became one of the most popular in the world.He replaced the then leader - Mozilla Firefox - due to its simplicity, speed and load user-friendly interface.Users, according to the statistical studies began to massively switch to Chrome, which is why this is now considered the most popular browser (after Internet Explorer, which, of course, is provided in the Windows operating system by default).

Security Chrome

In addition to the browser is fast, convenient and intuitively simple, yet another advantage it can be called a focus on safety for the user.

For example, Chrome displays the warning to the user that the site on which the latter wants to come, belongs to a database of fraudulent or dangerous (if a network resource can really hurt you).This is a very nice feature, because it allows you to block phishing sites at least in this way.

Another security mechanism in the browser is to check the certificate SSL.This method of transmitting encrypted data, which is used by many sites on which work is provided with financial (and not only).If you go to a website with a fake certificate, and does it detects an error SSL-connection.What should you do in such cases and how to circumvent the ban visiting the site, read this article.

We also try to give basic advice on how to protect your computer system.

Verification Certificate SSL

So, encrypted connection, which is used by the site is checked by reconciling it with the usual generally established form of certificates.During this procedure does is able to recognize where a fake SSL, and where - true.If it detects any error, the browser indicates this by displaying an appropriate message.It looks like this: "Your connection is not protected» (Chrome).What to do if you see him, tell on.


general that the connection is not secured properly, may indicate the possibility of loss of personal data that is fraught with unpleasant consequences for the user.So does the owner is trying to protect your PC from these problems and blocks access to the site.

However, the real reason that there is specified ("Your connection is not secure"), the problem may be quite different circumstances.That is, seeing this message, do not panic, as if put on some pirate site, able to hack your computer and steal access to your credit card.No, quite possibly, the error is different.Options will be discussed further in the text.

software to work with SSL

backwardness on your computer is one of the factors that determine why a message pops up "Your connection is not protected» (Chrome).What should I do in this case is not hard to guess - you just need to install the update.

on Windows 7 and later versions of these problems arise because of the outdated software can not.Face them can those who work with Windows XP and Windows Server.

solve problems as follows: Apply Service Pack SP3 (32-bit XP) and SP (for Server 2003 and 64-bit XP).Then restart your computer and log on to a site where an error popped up "your connection is not protected» (Chrome).What to do next - will understand yourself.Either problem will go away, or you will realize that the cause is not really an update.Then go through the list of options further.

Check the date and time

Another common problem faced by the users is an incorrect date and time.SSL-certificate that runs on the server side, operates on one at a time, while the user's PC, for example, installed a completely different date.In this case, Chrome checks for the certificate that is either outdated or could not exist at the time at all.Actually, why there was such an error in the SSL connection Google Chrome.How to fix it, it is easy to guess: just rewind the date and time on the computer so that they coincide with the actual data.Again, there are two options: either an error disappears, either its cause lies somewhere else.

A similar problem may arise in the case of search engine visits.In particular, when the user is the wrong date, he can see the following message: "Unable to connect to the authenticity of the site."www.Google.com, of course, is not a phishing or fraud.Just the thing is the date on the PC - because of its irrelevance Chrome displays an error message like this - not the original site, and possibly a copy.Move the date and time - and the problem will disappear.

problem server

property, other than those already mentioned possible causes, there are also quite logical - the unreliability of the issued certificate SSL.Working with him, the Chrome browser from Google (security and privacy of user data for which are among the main objectives) verifies the publisher's certificate.If the connection is forged, or the certificate has expired, it is evident that the user will see the aforementioned message.Trust him or not - the owner decides to PC.

In practice, the situation may arise when the site really works with a fake certificate and transmits the data over an insecure connection visitors to third parties.Therefore, seeing the inscription: "Your connection is not protected» (Chrome), what to do, decide for yourself - take a chance and click "Continue Browsing" (this link opens after clicking on "Details", so the user can not click it by accident);or just leave untrusted sites.

threat to your computer

course, your browser (either Google Chrome or any other product) - it is a certain tool to a minimum level to determine whether it is possible to visit the site or should not do.But to rely solely on him, of course, not worth it.

additional solutions that would ensure the security of your system is to install add-ons from some well-known anti-virus.For example, Kaspersky Internet Security.If you are looking for something less bulky, you can draw attention to some uzkonishevye expansion in the store Chrome Store, allowing to identify phishing sites, attack by fraudulent or illegal resources.

In addition, do not neglect and active protection systems.The solution is to become one of the many anti-virus products on the market, as well as any software, struggling with a particular view of the vulnerability of your PC.

list of modern tricks fraudsters is so great that to protect themselves from all the virtually impossible.Computer owner must resort to multiple products.Of course, Google Chrome browser in conjunction with its simplicity and speed can be one of them.