How to choose the size of U-sections

characteristic shape of the steel and its strength characteristics make it topical use in various sectors of the economy.Depending on the application, choose different types and sizes of channel bars.They are used in building and construction, mechanical engineering, car building, in carrying out various repairs for making shelves and reinforcing floors, outdoor advertising and the device ramps.

Channel is actively used as a structural element in the manufacture of cranes, bridges, high voltage pylons, oil rigs, any construction scaffolds and to close the communication.Wherever the important role played by a major strength of the material at a relatively low weight.

Types sills

basic material for the production of these products - steel (structural carbon, low alloy, cold-rolled and hot-rolled).There are hot (with ordinary and high accuracy rolling) and the bent channel.

parallelism characteristic of hot-rolled steel shelves, but they can also be made with a slope (not more than 10%).Dimension

s U-sections of a general or special purpose (in particular for the automotive industry), different width and height of shelves (dimensions are at a party 8240-89 and 19425-74).Single Standard exists in the profiles for car building (GOST 5267.1-90).

Bent parts visually distinguished by the rounded internal corner shelves and is equal and unequal.It has a channel size (GOST 8278-75) in length and 12 meters, but on request and produce longer profiles.

Dimensions sills

If you selected are guided by its basic parameters that determine the height, width and thickness of the shelves, wall thickness, internal radius of curvature or rounding shelves.

There are many varieties, sizes and characteristics that regulated standards.Therefore, product quality is easy to determine by comparing the actual dimensions of U-sections specified in the GOST.

Subtleties marking

When marking the profile sizes in centimeters usually indicate the letter and designate an individual option.For example, channel 8P, the dimensions of which are standard, says that its height - 8 cm, and the shelves are parallel.By the way, products with standard size is preferably used for the reinforcement of buildings, as they seamlessly welded and made from balanced and calm carbon steel.

To reduce the construction of metal is also used channel 12P, which is characterized by higher strength characteristics.But most marketable profile is hot-16P.

specific application of rolled metal is often dependent on the grade of steel, which is used for its production.For example, for use in the Far North, where low temperatures are the norm, using channels made of low carbon structural steel 09G2S.This is due to high mechanically strength of the steel grade, easy welding, resistance to low temperatures.