Efficient charging for the eyes when working with computer

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computer has become so much part of our lives that have and forget how we got along without it before.We offer in order to understand how to properly equip the workplace to reduce the risk of various diseases caused by prolonged periods of sitting in front of the monitor, and how to do exercises for the eyes, which are so very tired when working with a computer.

General rules of the computer

To reduce the load on your body, there are specially designed rules work at the computer.They provide a set of recommendations for selecting workplace furniture (table and chairs), computer hardware (monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on), as well as a set of rules that determine the position of the body during operation.

The main points of the arrangement workspace:

  1. The room should be well ventilated and have adequate lighting.
  2. depth of the working surface of the table should be at least 50 cm.
  3. The chair should be with back, convenient and comfortable.
  4. Choose a good monitor and a modern graphics card.
  5. keyboard should be ergonomic, like a computer mouse.

main recommendations of the work at the computer:

  1. Sitting in one position for a long time can not, from time to time need to change the position (for example, leaned back in his chair).
  2. necessary from time to time to warm up, then have to make movements with his hands and legs, and torso.
  3. legs should be in the flat position.
  4. back straight.
  5. distance from the eyes to the monitor must be proportional to the second one: the larger the screen, the greater distance (for example, if the display of 14-15 inches, then it must be removed from a 50 cm if 17 inches - 80 cm, and so forth).

way, to carry out warm-up should not only the body, but also visually.Let's look at examples of how to do exercises for the eyes.

Computer and eyestrain

Carpal tunnel syndrome (pinched nerve in the wrist) is probably the most widely known repetitive trauma people spending much time at the computer a lot.But eye strain is a more common cause of ill health.If you do not do any prevention, then this can lead to fatigue, general fatigue, increased nearsightedness, and reduce overall efficiency.

At risk are all the eyestrain, especially those who spend at the computer more than three hours.

symptoms of eye fatigue

eyestrain, usually accompanied by a combination of any of the following symptoms:

  • headache;
  • dry eyes, a feeling of sand in the eyes;
  • blurred vision;
  • eye fatigue;
  • change in color perception.

In addition, when you try to better review the image on the screen, people tend to keep their heads in unnatural positions, which contributes to stress the neck and shoulders.If any of these symptoms appear, then for them will inevitably reduce the effectiveness of visual perception.

What causes eye fatigue?

eyestrain, primarily the result of fatigue the eye muscles.This can happen in four directions.

first - just the result of human evolution: our eyes evolved to see in the distance in the three-dimensional world, but the monitor provides the user with a close-up of two-dimensional medium.As a result, after a few hours at the computer, eye focus point beyond the screen.As a result, the user has to make an extra effort to keep your eyes focused on the screen.

Glare is another common factor in muscle fatigue eye.If there is a glare on the monitor, the eyes must work even harder to distinguish between the image on the screen.

In conclusion - the position of the monitor.In natural position eye sight is straight forward and slightly down.If the monitor does not fall within the specified range, the muscles must constantly work to find the eye area appear.

And the last reason for the overload of eye muscles - the use of rapid, repetitive movements, such as throwing a glance between the original paper document and the screen.

addition to muscle fatigue the eyes may cause irritation in the eyeball.This also contributes to eyestrain.Studies have shown that while the user looks at the monitor, it is often no longer blink, which deprives the eye necessary moisture.This is compounded by dry, hot air emanating from the many monitors and computer processors.Also overdrying ocular cornea may be caused by dust resulting from the electrostatic field of the monitor.

All these things create a hostile environment for the eyes.

How can I protect my eyes?

You can do several things to create a more eye-friendly environment around the computer.The simplest thing you can do - is to replace the monitor to a more modern and secure.The new screen should not flicker, distort the image and be with the wrong settings for brightness, contrast and color.

Next should follow the general rules and guidelines for workplace design and the very process of work.

But no matter what type of environment you are working, you should take some steps that reduce eye strain.The first - more than blink.It sounds simple, but this involuntary action of the majority of users do not pay attention.Another good idea is to give your eyes rest at least every two hours.This could be a break, simple exercises or tasks not related to the operation of the computer.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that even your diet can help reduce eyestrain!Natural oils in some types of fish and foods rich in potassium (such as bananas and potatoes), to help retain moisture of your eyes.

If your work is directly related to spending time behind the monitor or you will not be able to adhere to proper diet regime, then you necessarily should do such a thing as charging for the eyes.Exercises are developed by experts and are designed to reduce the visual and muscle strain caused by prolonged use of the computer.

Charging eyes when working with computer

There are many sets of exercises to reduce fatigue and eye strain, developed by experts around the world.

General program for charging the eye, which improves blood circulation, strengthens the eye muscles and reduces stress, provides for the implementation of such actions:

  • quickly blink for two minutes;
  • zhmurtes and open your eyes, every movement for three to five seconds;
  • do the exercise for the eyes, called "Bike" to strengthen the muscles (this charging circuit to the eye will be discussed below);
  • easily pressed down for a few seconds, the eyelids with fingers;
  • change ten times an object of focus - from short to long range, with hold your vision on a single point for five seconds.

Efficient charging for the eyes when working with a computer is doing the exercises at least once every two hours and after each action is best to cover your eyes and relax for a minute.

complex exercise "Exercise BikeĀ»

This charge to the eye when working with a computer does not require a lot of time, but it has a beneficial effect on eyesight.

order of exercises:

  • blinked rapidly several times, disperse blood;
  • for a couple of times, lift your eyes up, then down, with his head did not stir;
  • missed;
  • follow the movement of only the eyes left, then right;
  • missed;
  • now raise his eyes to the upper right corner, then lower to the bottom left, repeat several times;
  • missed;
  • lift up his eyes in the upper left corner and lower to the bottom right;
  • missed;
  • spend square eyes, moving in this direction: upwards - to the right - down - left;
  • missed;
  • eyes make another square, only now move in the opposite direction: upwards - to the left - down - right;
  • missed;
  • describe eye circles from left to right;
  • missed;
  • describe eye circles in the other direction - from right to left;
  • missed last time.

Do not forget that all the movements you make eyes rather than his head.


This charging for the eyes when working with computer scientists was designed by William Bates.It involves the following manipulations:

  • heat the palms;
  • cover your eyes with palms, fingers crossed on his forehead;
  • plunged into darkness;
  • remove her hands and feel the temperature drop, eyes open while it is not necessary;
  • much zazhmurte and open your eyes.

Classes help to restore the brightness and clarity of the images.

complex exercise for tired eyes

our vision needs rest, not only during operation of the monitor, but also after.At the end of the day will be the next current charging to the eye after the computer:

  1. Repeat 5 times these steps: a deep breath, much zazhmurte, holding the breath for a few seconds, quick breath, while expansion is wide eyes.
  2. Make a light massage on the brow of the nose to the temples, eyes thus must be closed.
  3. 10 times make circular motions eyes closed in different directions - left to right and right to left.
  4. Take your thumb on the distance of 25 cm from the eye, and then look at it for three seconds, then one eye, then the other, then at the same time by two.
  5. your fingertips, press down forever.After that, 10 times missed.Inhale and relax for a moment.Then repeat all over again 2 more times.

charging electronic eye

E gymnastics provides rest for the eye using the number of dynamic images.Images for her specially selected and allow to perform exercises such as:

  • focus;
  • eye movements in different directions.

Do not forget that the implementation of such simple manipulations will not only help you keep the vision, but also protect against possible future costly procedures.