What happens if you add milk to soda?

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unique taste of Coca-Cola knows, perhaps every citizen of our country.After all, this drink is just filled the domestic supermarkets in the early 90s.However, few people know how and what to cook a delicious drink.In this article you will find out what would happen if in the cola add milk.After all, this experiment will help open your eyes to the composition of the famous soda.

Coca-Cola - the taste is familiar from childhood

soft drink unusual black born in the distant 1886.Then it was invented the famous logo, made calligraphic font.

Already in 1902 Coca-Cola was the most popular drink in America.But in our country, his fame came much later.In 1988 he opened the first production of Coca-Cola on the Moskva brewery.After that started a whole era of Western products in Russia and CIS countries.

But have you ever wondered what is produced from the carbonated beverage?And what will happen if cola add milk?After all, this simple experiment can show what is happening to drink after eating and what its true color.

What happens if you add milk to soda?

For the experiment will need a bottle of soda and a little milk.It is enough to mix the two products, and after 40 minutes you will see the result.If the milk is added soda, there will be a chemical reaction.Caffeine and carbonated beverage dye roll and will fall into the sediment.A bottle will remain cloudy yellow liquid.

This is due to the content of Coke phosphoric acid by reaction with which the milk clot.That is why during the experiment can be also noted the formation of foam in the bottle neck.Thus, if you add the milk in a Coke, you get very unpleasant liquid consistency.

manufacturer indicates that the beverage comprises sugars, caffeine, acids, carbon dioxide and flavoring agents.That is not going no question of natural ingredients, and we use the ordinary sweet chemical mixture.And if after a trip to the "McDonald's" order a milkshake?That's right, the stomach is formed the same unpleasant picture, as well as after the experience with milk.Indeed, any alkaline when mixed with acid will give a predictable reaction.

And you can drink a Coke after such an experiment?

Anyone who has ever spent a similar chemical experience, firmly believes that the carbonated beverage is very harmful for health.After all, what happens if you add milk to soda?Get real color of the beloved beverage.That is, in fact, Coca-Cola - a cloudy yellow liquid which is simply painted black.

After ingestion the beverage gives the same response as when mixed with milk.In addition, we can not know for sure what is happening as it interacts with other products.But even the fact that in a glass of Coca-Cola contains ten teaspoons of sugar, makes you wonder.It's more than the daily requirement for an adult.

Other experiments with "Coca-Cola"

Now you know what happens if you add milk to soda.Photos of this unusual experiment presented in this paper.But what other tests can prove that the drink is harmful for our body?

For example, the experiment is very popular with the meat, and Coca-Cola.It is proved that if you put a piece of meat in a glass of carbonated beverage, it will dissolve after 24 hours.This proves once again that the effect of Coke on the digestive organs are not the most favorable.

Not so long ago we witnessed a furore generated by the experiment with pills "Mentos".After all, when mixed with Coca-Cola is very vigorous reaction with the release of large amounts of carbon dioxide.Some argue that it could lead to death.

People quite difficult to abandon the usual fizzy drinks, for without them, life does not seem so sweet.But simple experiments prove how detrimental Coke affect our internal organs.So before you go to the supermarket for the next portion of the colored soda, think about the experience with milk.It may save you from a senseless and very harmful purchase.