The thickest peoples of the world

rating is based on the UN report.Russia is in 19th place on the list.A top ten is as follows:


Chile Chile is the largest copper producer, and this suggests that the majority of people working in the factories and get good salaries.In addition, the country has developed, and other industries, products are actively exported to neighboring countries.Growing prosperity improves people's lives and significantly increases their weight, alas.

9 Turkey Turkey, as we all know, many citizens live by tourism, so in this area public authorities do a lot.Set a lot of fast food restaurants to tourists is easy to find familiar food.And this leads to obesity among local residents.

8 Argentina The economic crisis, hasty reforms and default, of course, a lot of spoiled nerves Argentines.Nevertheless, the country remains the world's fourth largest oil producer, the tenth - in uranium reserves, Argentina is actively exporting heavy industry and meat-packing products.Therefore, the welfare of citizens is growing.And this is a direct way to limit traffic and increase weight loss.


Iraq a long time with the word "Iraq" was associated political instability.Perhaps this is what has given rise to the development of obesity in people.Everything is very simple.Any psychologist will tell intelligibly as people like to stick all sorts of stress and trouble.And then the whole "political instability"!

6 Vanuatu causes of obesity among local residents is the development of tourism in the country.This is a very important point.Country modified for tourists, and with it change and citizens.And often not for the better.

5 Trinidad and Tobago Recently, the State has become a popular tourist destination.In this regard, there began to appear fast food chain.And it is quite logical to assume that they eat not only tourists but also locals.The food in such establishments is not always high quality, in most cases it's bad fast food.Plus, this can be called a traditional cuisine, which includes a lot of pasta.Unless the authorities take no action, the number of obese people, will only increase.

4 Libya and Venezuela, Libya, and Venezuela

fourth position shared between the citizens of these countries.Residents of Libya often eat poor quality food, often crowded cholesterol.This increases the mortality from cardiovascular diseases.

Residents Venezuelan food is generally considered almost a cult, and it's terrible, when most of the interest revolves only around food.Worse, the Venezuelan cuisine is full of heavy dishes, and if you add to this the popularity of fast food, the general "help" at the time to scream.The mortality rate in Venezuela as well as in Libya has increased, and all because of malnutrition, leading to heart disease.

Syria 3 third place in the ranking, Syria, about a third of people in this country suffer from overweight and obesity.The reasons are obvious, as always: sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.Moreover, many Syrians are unwilling to engage in heavy physical labor or sports.And this together has a direct path to the fullness and obesity.

2 US In America, the perpetrators of this situation are fast foods, snacks and sodas.In other words, all that is so fond of Americans, the mountains makes them fat.And why the people of America do not like vegetables are not a couple? ..

1 Mexico most recognized Mexican thick.About a third of all the country's citizens are diagnosed with "obesity", and about 70% of people are overweight.Specialists of Mexico, to address this problem, complain that the future citizens of the country (today's children) are already programmed in the wrong nutrition and, consequently, obesity.A largely themselves to blame adults actively using soda and visiting fast-food restaurants.

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