How do you know whether you're a man like you: tips

How do you know whether you're a man like you?Now a look.Young people do not tend to talk to the ladies about her feelings, and both want to find out.Occasionally when he would tell you the sacred word, and so it is important to understand this very delicate matter.

Some girls prefer to ask yourself questions like these, but not everyone will be happy to answer them, and if you do it often, you can even scare him.Who will talk about how to determine whether you are a man like you.

First of all, pay attention to the emotions, actions, conversations and make the right conclusions.Movement prompt you about his feelings, he might hide.But do not be too categorical, it can not be any movement and gesture in your direction regarded as a manifestation of sympathy and "rush" into his arms.It often happens that the girl even look at myself considering in its favor, but it may not be so.At school or college, we meet almost all the views, but it does not mean that everyone has feelings for you.

So, how to understand Do you man, in his emotions?It is no accident say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.Man often looks at you with great warmth and unusual expression, always accompanies a look?The guy laughs, even if you are unfortunate joke?When you are late or do not answer the call because of important matters, he feels, and if you can not hold back his excitement?All of the above - a sure sign that you are nice to him.

How do I know if I like me a man, by his behavior.If you have friends in common, ask around them, they may have noticed some changes in the behavior of Man in general, or is otherwise acting in your presence.He became silent, and when you more talkative, or vice versa.He began to walk less, all the while engaged in business, even those that are not typical for him.When you sit there, try to accidentally touch him if he did not pull away, but on the contrary, tried to get close to you, it means that he has feelings.Do not be scared, he jumped up sharply, Nervous, and ran away somewhere, it can be a normal tightness.Among other things, the guy can also use some "tricks" to see whether you are interested it.He can moves closer, waiting for your response, or "accidentally" touch, often look in the eye.It is also a manifestation of interest, try to support it.Friendly smile, start a conversation, show that you care about it.

How do you know whether you're a man like you, on changes in its interest?Do you like romance, and they do not like him, but he looks at them with you without a ton of objections and conditions.The desire to share your hobby, even if he is not coming out.It's another attempt to get close to you.

Changes in communion also prompt you to answer this question.How do you know whether you're a man like you in his conversation?The guy listens to everything you say, trying to learn more about you by asking questions - definitely, he is interested in you.It can also talk about their emotions, challenges, personal experiences.Such revelations are of great value, because men do not like to give yourself and your feelings to outsiders.If you trust the guy, do not move it.But before the "close" should be tested feelings, and that only time will tell.