Unusual tours through Germany

Germany is fraught with many interesting and unusual stories and legends.To make your vacation even more memorable and enjoy the history of the country with its thrilling story - some unusual routes in Germany: on the road to tour the Nibelung tales of the Brothers Grimm.

«Nibelungen and Siegfried Road»

This tourist route dedicated to the well-known medieval novel "The Song of the Nibelungs" and has its origins in Worms.The tour leads along the trail Dragonslayer Siegfried, prince of the dynasty of Xanten Nibelungen.

This tourist route stretches along the Rhine valley between mountain ranges by medium Odenwald and Palatinate forests in the 310 km.

origins of the ancient epic lie here, in the Odenwald, the former kingdom of Burgundy.He tells the story of love, jealousy and treachery of the treacherous, on the fight Siegfried the dragon, the feud Kriemhild and Brynhild, and the murder of Siegfried by Hagen from the throne.From the city of Worms, which was once the capital of the royal dynasty, Nibelungen moved to Würzburg and from there - to the king of the Huns Attila the Danube.The tourist route "The road Nibelungen 'hold on those mysterious places where events unfolded medieval epic" Song of the Nibelungs. "

Wagner Road (Walk of Wagner) Very soon tourists will be able to walk the path in the footsteps of the composer Wagner in Bayreuth.This way, like Boston Trail or the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, connects the most important sites dedicated to Richard Wagner.The markings on the pavement will guide you on the correct path, starting with the house Wahnfried.

«Road Sissi»

«Road Sissi" length of 2000 km - European historical and cultural route, acquainting with the life of Elizabeth of Bavaria, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary.

Princess Amalia Eugenia Elizabeth, who was called home just Sissy, was born in the family of the Duke of Bavaria from the Wittelsbach family.She was educated woman of her time and made history as the wife of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of the Austrian Empire and King of Bohemia.

its full drama of life goes a lot of myths and legends.Find out what she was really, you can join on a journey on the "Road Sissi".This unusual historical and biographical route passes through Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Greece and Italy.On his way are palaces, castles, beautiful gardens and parks and many other places that were once part of the life of Sissi.

«road tales»

Enchanted route length of 600 kilometers leads from Hanau, where the Brothers Grimm were born at home, "Bremen Town Musicians" - to the city of Bremen.

tourist route, rich in monuments of art and history, lined with half-timbered enchanted towns, fortresses and castles, caves and museums.Here come to life fairy tales, legends, myths and legends, festivals in the open air, Days puppet theaters and Week tales, arranged fabulous treats and feasts medieval jousting.Towards the guests these magical places and sometimes even themselves out fairy-tale characters.

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