Amplification - an important part of child development.

accepted that amplification - an extension or increase in anything.Occasionally you may experience such images, which do not cause certain associations.If they are very capacious, ordinary words to describe them is almost impossible.In this case, it uses the symbolic value, but the image is still at the level of unconscious perception.

Amplification provides the opportunity to experience the power of archetypal beginning and get in touch with the collective.A man can be a little abstract from conventional thinking and feel particle of something more meaningful.

What is amplified?

Self-knowledge goes a roundabout way, so there is a contradiction amplification.To better see the present, you should pay close attention to the past, for example, turn to myths.It will stimulate thinking, not overloading it with unnecessary knowledge that make it worse.

method of analysis is required to understand what is going on in the unconscious world.Amplification - a way to help reach an understanding.In this case, does not require the intervention of the analyst, it is enough to trust completely unconscious.Use this method with caution, watching over the condition and mood client.He should be ready to draw parallels and traceable.

Choosing the right children's methodology development - the key to success

Any parent wants his child to be the most capable and special.For this purpose I do not mind neither the money nor the time nor the energy.Today there are so many different methods of early development, but in order to be visible results, it is necessary to correctly choose.The psyche of the child has not yet matured, and large load can lead to disastrous consequences.

Parents should know that harmonious development is impossible without communication with peers and other people.Problems that may arise in the communication process, a negative impact on the internal harmony and cause stress.Amplification of development - it is a way to overcome the difficulties arise.

children, experts recommend to develop the child through games, drawing, or through music.Select Training Center should be with great caution so as not to harm the baby.

Why are there problems?

Many experts thought that such amplification.This pedagogy represents a broadening and deepening of consciousness and development of children.AV Zaporozhets in their work trying to understand why there are difficulties of perception of an adult.He believed that all the reasons to be found in childhood.Many educators and parents wanting to "keep up with the times", begin to artificially accelerate the pace of natural development of the child.In schools administered complex subjects, not always comprehensible to children.This integration is one-sided and boost familiarizing the child to adulthood is not always correct.

theory AV Zaporozhets

founder of one of the most common domestic Clinical Psychology is AV Zaporozhets.He formulated the main principles and indicated that amplification - a concept of child development that is not based on the forced stimulation of the child, and on its enrichment at the expense of the full stay a certain age period.

Zaporozhets insisted that it is necessary to reveal the potential of the kid who has had at each stage of development.The child is to invest the knowledge that correspond to their age, and do not overload it with unnecessary information.Amplification of child development - a technique which is based on fairy tales and games, the development of relevant child.They should be directed at the development of personal qualities, personality and mental abilities.

This technique is quite complicated, as it requires effort, time and a lot of patience.To get a positive result, parents must learn to feel their child and understand him.It is because of this it is not widely popular and is often used in practice.But parents should work: this approach allows you to foster a harmonious and integrated personality.

Why use amplification?

amplification - is enrichment or deepening of child development, which is necessary for a versatile education of children.This is especially important at an early age, when there is a bookmark abilities.A child needs to provide a wide range of areas of activity in order to determine his inclinations and talents.

Applying this technique must be followed the main condition - free development, searching and finding themselves in the process of a child learning the material.

Amplification of child development - is the maximum use of the reserves, which are in a certain age period.If you do not give the correct value of games and fairy tales, it can significantly reduce the possibility of the child and to reduce the level of its development.