A jury trial in Russia

Administration of justice - something incredibly complex, contradictory and imposes unprecedented responsibility on the person who administers it.At all times the judge was the most respected, honorable and worthy of boundless confidence in a person.But, nevertheless, any judge - above all a man, and the judge with experience - and even in some sense blinkered decision maker on a daily basis, and therefore may not notice some details that draw the attention of people with no experience.It

to every criminal case were people having a fresh look at the events, and was inducted into the Russian jury.More precisely, do not enter, and returned as the first time he appeared in Russia in 1864 and lasted until 1922, when it was canceled by the Soviet government.

jury trial in Russia - the phenomenon of the young, and I must say, not very popular among people with no legal training, nor of the population.Thus the controversy surrounding him do not cease for several decades, and understand what it more - good or harm, try all those who have at least some relation to the work of courts and law enforcement agencies.It should be noted that to protect the jury mainly with the help of a very vague arguments as to find the real advantages of this embodiment of justice is difficult.

Court jury: the pros and cons

To understand how this type of trial is adequate to the current state of affairs in Russia, and whether it has a right to exist (not based on the Constitution and on the basis of common sense), you need to consider in detail allits essential aspects.

So the jury - is a form of proceedings in which the decision on the guilt or innocence of a person accused of a crime, taking a group of people from 12 people who have no special education and assembled exclusively for the verdict in the case.

experienced lawyers and judges consider such an option of criminal cases a priori wrong, because the jury did not decide on the basis of the case (although they certainly familiarize with them), and on the basis of their own experience.If the judge makes a verdict based solely on the facts and focuses on proof of crime, then the jury is often more important than the emotional and moral side of the matter.In other words, the jury judged from the standpoint of morality, and the judge - in terms of the law.

But it is no secret that Russia's morality and the law have always been and are still in a state of some hidden war.It is in this regard, many of the crimes considered by the jury shall be considered by the moral aspect.In many cases, the criminals even confessed his guilt, were released by the jury due to the fact that from the point of view of the inhabitant, far from the letter of the law, they have not done anything terrible.

Another negative aspect of the jury consider it a potential corruption.People taking part in the meetings - often unemployed, pensioners and housewives, that is the least socially protected stratum of the population.Working as citizens prefer not to participate in a jury - a distraction from work, it requires time, effort, and a responsibility to which they are not ready.So when the question arises, how easy is it to put pressure on the jury question a person familiar with Russian realities, does not arise.In this regard, many professionals believe that the only ones who benefit from the existence in Russia of a jury - is the criminals themselves.Always having the opportunity to put pressure on any pity or poverty jury.