Dimensions wardrobes (drawings)

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Currently, the increasing popularity got closets.This is furniture that has its advantages and disadvantages.Most often, closets installed in small apartments to save space.Although this furniture is suitable for absolutely any room, because it will always look beautiful and unusual.

How to choose?

can purchase models on order or ready closets.Dimensions inside (photo presented below) may be different.It depends largely on the area of ​​the premises.Cases can occur with mezzanines and without, with angular / open shelves.Furniture design is suitable for any interior.When selecting such a cabinet for your home should be guided not only by its size, but also quality.It is desirable that it be made of water resistant materials, different in time piece of furniture will be deformed.

Benefits wardrobes

modern furniture market offers a huge range of such products.There are wardrobes different in design: angular, built, housing or straight.Self cabinet can be custom-made in any material (oak, bamboo, plastic and so on. D.) That the customer chooses.Of course, some materials are more expensive, and more - less.Dimensions wardrobes can also be set by the customer.If necessary, technicians can measure the area of ​​space reserved for future cabinet.

Another advantage of this solution is the bulk of such furniture.The inner space of the cabinet allows you to place it in a variety of subjects.The mirror surface of the door looks quite organic.Therefore, another piece of furniture, with which you can visually enlarge the space - wardrobe.Filling, dimensions (photos cabinet will demonstrate options for its arrangement) to help fill this compact piece of furniture of different things.In addition, the scheme is necessary for the proper collection of the cabinet if it has been decided to mount his own hands.Dimensions wardrobes allow to hide them even household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines and so on. D.).

Disadvantages The main disadvantage of this furniture is its fragility.Sliding system very quickly wears out when the cabinet was installed on an uneven surface.Therefore, to mount a similar piece of furniture should be only in those rooms, where he repaired.

cabinet has large size, so conventional lighting does not allow viewing its contents in full.We have to create a separate lighting in the closet (or a small set bulb lamp).In addition, the process of creating the wardrobes used aluminum profiles, which can be easily deformed due to external factors.Although it happens rarely.

For such furniture requires careful care.Its service can take several hours.Shoe cabinet - it's not just the rub all parts from dust.Particular attention should be given to lower the guide, their timely oiling.To clear the lower profile, you should regularly remove dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner.

Care profile

to corner closet, the size of which can be chosen directly by the customer, served for many years, it is necessary to properly care for it.It is important to at least once in 2 months vacuuming lower profile because here come all sorts of debris (dust, animal hair), resulting in his work there are failures.It is in the lower profile of the most clogged debris, and if you do not take care of him, you will soon cease wheels door move normally.After cleaning the sliding mechanisms should be thoroughly oiled.However, some parts of the cabinet are quite expensive, so negligent attitude to them can hit the pocket.

Cleaning the

If the surface of the cabinet there were all sorts of stains, you can remove them using a standard soap solution.To clean the surface better take a soft sponge and gently in a circular motion, start removing dirt.Thereafter, excess solution should be removed with a damp cloth, and then - to wipe the surface dry.Do not wash the mirror cabinet means to care for windows.To do this, use special cleaning agents.

Closets Nursery

Most parents think that children's clothes should be stored in the hallway: videos, stick, skates ... But in this case it is necessary to think about the interests of the child.After internal filling wardrobe should be in accordance with his preferences.Furthermore, this fact also in some way affects the formation of the child character.Dimensions wardrobes may depend on what the kid is planning to put in it.In addition, it also depends on the sex of the baby boy or girl.Therefore, drawing closet to the size you need to do with your baby, not solve all their own.

today for the production of furniture used a variety of materials.Therefore, when creating an interior children's room, you can not limit yourself to the color characteristics.Of course, the largest objects in the room will be the case.It is important that the furniture was colorful and bright, so that it will not compromise the child's mood.In addition, do not neglect his opinion.After all, he can independently decide not only what will be the size of wardrobes, and color painting furniture.

Assembling closet with his hands

to easily collect the purchased furniture, you can use the drawing wardrobe with dimensions.Incidentally, the scheme may be needed not only during assembly, but before the application was filed for the manufacture of the cabinet on request.Drawings can draw on their own or buy ready-made options.Some firms engaged in the production of furniture, offer a ready-made drawings.

It should be understood that the assembly of the cabinet - this is not a simple process.In some fitting details may be certain complexity.But if all the elements fit together, you can quickly and easily assemble closet.Photos with dimensions can also help in the process.Primarily produced carcass.Using fasteners, fasten shelves and other items.Thereafter mount the lower and upper profile rail.At the end of the set all the drawers and doors.The location of the cabinet can also be defined independently.But to make it desirable in advance, before the furniture will be made.After all, even from a few millimeters cabinet can not fit in the designated place.