How to play World of Tanks: secrets and tricks

World of Tanks - the most popular multiplayer game project, which is associated with the use of military equipment of World War II.This development has captured the interest of many fans of interactive entertainment, and to this day it is gaining popularity all over the world, letting its virtual battlefields of new users.Accordingly, the first question they ask is the following: "How to Play World of Tanks?"No wonder, because absolutely every game has its own rules, features and main goal, you need to know to succeed.Therefore, we will now analyze what a game this project that it should be done.

Terms Games

So, first of all World of Tanks - is a multiplayer arcade combat.Before answering the question of how to play World of Tanks, should understand the conditions of the game.In it, users have to fight in groups of 15 people.

Both teams to achieve goals: to destroy or capture all the opponents base.This can be done by any means, using tactics, strength and cunning techniques of warfare.But do not think that everything is so easy, because every player - is an integral element of the virtual battlefield, which is able to change the outcome of the battle.You should always keep this in mind and not to relax.Know that victory can be achieved only with the help of team work.So the first answer to the question of how to play World of Tanks, is the intention to be active in the team.No single races and heroism.Proceed for aid to allies, and they will respond in kind, and together you have already achieve victory in any battle.

main task

main objective of this game project is to obtain pleasure from the fighting and collecting military equipment.Any ending is not provided, the game has a collector and competitive bias, so do not rush anywhere.You have the opportunity to discover a technique to ride on it, play, battling for territory on the global map, join clans and more.

Have fun, enjoy the new techniques, and watch your statistics, it serves as a virtual business card.The second answer to the question of how to play World of Tanks, is this statement: spend time in pleasure, and you will succeed.

basic rules

But do not forget that even in virtual worlds has its own rules.They allow you to maintain order and interest in the proceedings.The rules of World of Tanks is quite simple: all you have to do to win, not to interfere with others to get things done (meaning allies) and behave properly, without violating the norms of communication.All these requirements are spelled out in the user agreement of the project, with which you can at any time be found.Violate the rules are not recommended, as this is punishable and entails not so serious, but backfired.

Help developers

To learn how to feel confident on the battlefield and destroy multiple enemies and know how to pull the most difficult battle, should refer to the actual developers, rather, to their official website.

you are interested in the project World of Tank?How to play?Developers actively support this direction, and has to date in service companies have dozens of professionals engaged in the creation of commercials, which can not only learn to play correctly on any technique, but also arrange tours to the story, tell the different combat tricks and just give invaluable experience,which is directly connected with the game design.Watch the trailers, train and become a professional virtual tanker.You definitely do it!