How to get maternity capital for the construction?

Maternal capital - an additional measure of state support for families with 2 or more children.The right to receive it have a family, which had a second (or subsequent) baby since the beginning of 2007.

How to spend maternity capital?

  • on improving the living conditions of the family (purchase, home construction, payment of loans taken for the acquisition of property, including mortgage, etc.).
  • tuition of children in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • The increase in retirement account mum.

Maternal capital for the construction - it's one of the hottest ways to use public support.According to statistics, every second family, decided to dispose of the means of the parent capital, sends them to the improvement of living conditions.

How to get maternity capital to build a house?

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, in order to take advantage of government support funds, the possessor (in the absence of the mother - replaces her face) certificate to visit the Pension Fund and to apply the decision of the management of capital.In addition, you must submit documents confirming that the applicant (or his spouse) is the owner of the land, as well as permission to begin construction of housing.But it is necessary to consider that once all the money allocated will not.Their volume will be less than half of the total.The rest will be given only six months, and only in the event that will be provided by documents which confirm the construction work.They give the same state authorities who issued a building permit.

It should be borne in mind that the possibility of maternity capital expenditure does not cover the repair of premises.The word "construction" refers to the construction of new homes or reconstruction of old.Also maternity capital stand out when they are needed for the transfer of non-residential premises in residential.

Everything else, you must provide:

  • pension insurance certificate of the person to whom the certificate issued;
  • passport of the person who received the certificate;
  • the certificate capital to the parent (or duplicate).

Maternal capital construction provides clearance is building housing in the common ownership of both parents and all children, regardless of whether any of the child had received the certificate.At the same time a family member who has attained 18 years of age, at any time, may waive the share of rewriting it in any other family member.For a child is such a failure can not write, even if you are the parent or guardian.

Maternal capital for the construction, or rather its funds can be spent only once, as a child (for which he received) reaches the age of 3 years.This restriction is removed in the event that these funds are directed to the repayment of debts on the loan, which was taken for the reconstruction, construction or purchase of a home.

If the parent capital will be spent not all, its balance will be indexed in line with rising inflation.In the future it may be used for other destinations (education, the accumulation of pension mother).