Selecting a moral - is the key to self-realization

moral choice is an integral part of human life.Every day we commit certain actions, reflect on how best to proceed.All of this requires a great deal of inner strength and tremendous work on himself.This article is devoted to the decision as a whole, and considering the specific questions that require a responsible and disciplined approach.


If we turn to the dictionary, it is clear that the moral choice - it is a process that involves the spiritual component of personality.After all, to focus on what - the variant requires a lot of thinking, concentrating work on yourself and know what you want from life.

Even subconsciously questions arise now and then in your head whether you want to lose weight, whether to receive the second higher education, whether to continue to build a relationship with a specific person.The situations of moral choice may be different.Depending on your goals and values ​​needed to address them.

Slim figure

What woman does not dream to see ourselves slim and elegant, with a beautiful wasp waist?Some women try to lose weight through diet, if not starve themselves just to bring the body into a fitting appearance.Few are suitable for this process really competently, so as not to hurt his own body.

Choice moral - is primarily the ability to say to yourself "no" in some situations that require immediate action.When we deny ourselves in familiar things, pleasures that brought happiness first, always have them with something to replace.Otherwise, the body "rebel" and you will be very difficult.That's because a lot of different diets, fitness does not lead to the desired result - people just do not have the strength and patience to to follow through.Make a decision to lose weight - hence, free from food addiction, to prove to myself that the world is full of the pleasures of a different kind, except uncontrollably absorb food.


You never know what can happen in life: the death of family members, the betrayal of the beloved, and so on.. In all these heavy trials of life is very important to set priorities: to bury themselves, or continue to live, to grow, to achieve itspurposes.Of course, the decision to take life is not easy, but those who have it turns out, as if born again.It's so great temptation to stop to look after themselves, engage in their own development and self-improvement.Many cases when after breaking up with a guy girls "waved the hand": throwing institutions suffered pronounced bulimia, quarreled with others, broke off all friendly relations, which, one way or another, have been associated with that person.

moral choice is whether to continue to feel sorry for yourself, or try to rebuild their lives, try to do something about it.Clearly, this is not very easy to do, and sometimes quite difficult.But attitude is everything.

Does lessons today?

All of us at some time in childhood wondered whether homework, suddenly "me tomorrow to the board will not cause."And it managed to sometimes come to school unprepared, and the teacher of happiness we did not ask.As adults, we sometimes notice how our children are too lazy to do their homework.To instill in them the responsibility not just need to get them to sit for hours for textbooks.Ask them to make their own moral choices that would make you feel good.You see, the results are staggering.For it is not the external action really headed man, and the internal state that changes everything.

What makes moral choices

First of all, the freedom and independence of what happens on the outer plane.When there is a clear attunement with a dream, a desire to act on all selected destinations.Somewhere suddenly, forces to realize the cherished aspirations, tasks are much easier to find ways for further action.

sure to make a step - is the key to successful development of the personality, its advance.Self-realization - the main task of man.Of course, the pursuit of happiness, a person in any case, must not forget their loved ones.You have to understand that the moral choice - it is responsible.Of course, not all of it is taken, and it is not for everyone on the shoulder.

how to make it right?

Learn to listen to your own heart.Notice how often we look at the opinions of others, rather than to implement their plans and dreams.The moral freedom of choice implies that we need to realize their full potential, but how to do it - it's up to us.You can ruin your talent at the top and did not dare to change anything.And you can take at once a bold decision and every day, step by step, to move towards its implementation.

Thus, everything depends on us.Alternatives to which we are guided by the day, of course, affect the self-esteem, a desire to achieve more self-confidence and satisfaction with life in general.It is important to understand that if that - it does not work right away, it will turn later, when you accumulate a certain positive statements.Everything is possible, it is necessary to know that will not give up at the first failure.Good luck and success, dear readers!Be happy!