How to sew a pelmet with their hands (with patterns)

every woman wants her house looked decent.And one of the easiest ways to do this is the original decoration of windows and doors in all the rooms.And for that you can use not only the usual curtains and blinds, and pelmet.The hands with patterns and instructions in this article, even novice needle women will be able to produce unique products using fabrics of different textures and colors.It should also be noted that, in addition to the proposed schemes, every woman can own and apply more creativity, allowing her house will get a unique look.

easiest way to sew swags

In order that the more complex the pelmet, the smarter it looks, it is impossible to argue.However, if you spend money on luxury items would not be desirable, but the ability does not yet allow needlework sew difficult pelmet with their hands, with the pattern, you can wait and choose a simpler method of making this thing.

To produce the simplest of cloth lambrequin need to cut a strip of the desired width, the length of which is two and a half times greater than the length of the cornice will.Then bend the workpiece from all sides, and the top edge sew so-called curtain tape and pull the product available for her skin.This method allows you to quickly produce pelmets hands.On the Pattern of similar products you will not have difficulty accurately.And when you have a little mastered this art, can be used to cut strips of one of the following schemes.For more interesting pelmet its lower edge, you can sheathe fringe or ribbon in a contrasting color.

Pelmet with "tails": preparation of materials and pattern

This version is no less easy to manufacture, and are also frequently draws attention handy people who still do not know how to sew pelmet with his own hands, and are just looking for a suitable scheme.For this product, you will need the basic fabric, if necessary - lining and laying a nonwoven or other seal, decorative cord length of 1 m and a soft pencil, a cornice or strap, which is fastened to the finished pelmet.The hands with the pattern items you do not have to mess around for a long time, as they do quite easily and do not require pre-fabrication of paper template.It should be noted that the length of the eaves must be about 30 cm greater than the width of the window opening.

now beginning to carve out pelmets.Photos of the product with your hands can be done later.Now you need to cut a piece of the fabric, the length of which is greater than the length of the cornice of 20-30 cm and a width of 74 cm. Of the same size should be cut lining and lining.You can do without them, but these materials do more voluminous pelmets.The hands for beginners needlewomen sew them - a very real problem.There are dense tissue, so they will not have long to mess with other additional materials.

procedure of manufacturing pelmet with "tailsĀ»

prepare all the above, you can proceed to the connection details.If you use all three layers, it is necessary to spread uncured cloth on top of her face up - the primary and then the backing, but face down.All layers must be carefully fasten with pins and stitch, leaving one side of 30 cm are not linked.This is done in order to be able to turn the front of the pelmet with their hands linked.With Pattern work is completed.It remains only to turn out the product, ironed it, neatly sew the hole left hand - and can be hung.This should be done as follows: the product should be attached to the center of the cornice or trims for center point and then fix the remaining tissue, leaving the overhanging edge.Further decorative cord should be cut in two, and each of them nice and tidy to tie the side of the fabric - it will be "tails."That's an elegant pelmet ready, despite the fact that it is made simple enough.It is worth noting that it looks good in the kitchen.If you plan on sewing curtains, swags with his hands, it is better to pay attention to more sophisticated options.

Pelmet consisting of one SMAD

most original look with SMAD pelmets, and the time they are engaged in the production of much more.However, be patient, each needlewoman able to get unique jewelry box.So, in order to produce pelmets with their hands, with patterns have to work hard - they should be made according to the scheme below.But first you need to prepare everything necessary for the job.So, you will need scissors, a piece of wood with a tagged centimeters, the length of which will correspond to the length of the future product, paper or cardboard for patterns and underlying tissue.Skilled needlewoman are often used and the lining, but it adds too much trouble to those who first decided to sew their own hands pelmets.Master-class on making this product also suggests the presence of a sufficient number of hand pins.

Pelmet with SMAD: Pattern

If this is your first experience, it is better for the above scheme to produce the desired pattern from the paper size.At the same time, you can not do the whole piece, but only half of it, focusing on the center line of the sketch.Next, the template should be ready to put on the base fabric, previously folded diagonally.Of course, the material in this method of cutting will take longer than if put mold evenly, but in this case the final product will look more impressive.It should be noted that the width of the top of the finished patterns should sotvetstvovat length of the eaves and the height - two and a half times the size of the desired final product.The preform is made of fabric for the future pelmet should be attached to the mid-point of the central working plate.Then gradually there must be secured to the fabric across the top.

formation of folds and sewing lambrequin with SMAD

Now you can proceed to the formation of wrinkles.The first one is formed from the tip of the right shoulder to the left by lowering so-called roller 10-15 cm below the line bar.Both end points must be secured by means of pins.All subsequent rollers are made in a similar manner as long as the extreme points are reached.The distance between them must be the same on both sides.

Once the shape of the product is ready, you will need to cut off the excess fabric on top and strap, placing the workpiece on a horizontal surface, fold back all the land, and the top to fix the seam of previously marked points.It is advisable to treat the upper part of the pelmet mounting tape.That finished sewing, swags.The hands you can do as you see fit.And if for the first time will not work - do not worry, try to correct errors and to achieve the desired goal.

Pelmet with several SMAD: cutting and sewing

richer look premises, window openings that are decorated lambrequins, consisting of several SMAD - can even be of different colors.They should be cut according to the scheme described above, except that the desired width of the future product should be divided into as many parts as you want to get after it is completed swags sewing by hand.Thus it is desirable to consider that the finished product to give a more interesting part of the form should be slightly overlapped, and that a few centimeters of the total width.As for the texture of the fabric, for all SMAD it is better to take the same, since all kinds of experiments in this regard are often unsuccessful.

Pelmet with "ties": photo

If you need to decorate the window opening in the kitchen, where there are supposed no curtains or drapes, the best solution would be to this variant, the more that make pelmet with their hands, a photo of which is shown below,even novice needle women will not be difficult.For the manufacture of this product, you will need the basic fabric, scissors 2-3 meter curtain tapes and, of course, a sewing machine.At the initial stage it is necessary to cut out the base material strip of fabric, which will be 1 m longer than the cornice - is this part of the fabric need to "tie."The blank on all sides to be treated seam, after which you can proceed to the next step.

sewing lambrequin with "tiesĀ»

Stepping back 50 cm from the edge of the future pelmet, it is necessary for the whole width of the vertically placed on it Curtain tape and sew it.The same operation should be done from the opposite side.Next article with both edges should be tightened to the desired state and secure thread.Then you can hang a pelmet to the eaves.The remaining "ties" should be nice to build in the state of the hanging, if it fails, you can cut them and attach a separate pre-folded like an accordion, and stitch along the top edge.

Pelmet puffed: preparatory phase

Another interesting option is the product manufacturing pelmet with puffed sleeves.However, they have one drawback - they can not be ironing.Therefore, learning how to sew a pelmet with your hands, try to pick up for its manufacture a fabric that would not lose their appearance after the washes, namely, was not crumpled.The simplest way to manufacture this product is a compound of the tissue by a needle in horizontal points.For this it is necessary to cut a strip of tissue that is two to three times longer than the future finished product, fold and sew it to the upper edge of the curtain tape.

manufacturing process pelmet puffed

Next to harvest every 4-5 cm must be applied to the point of using a washable marker.Stitch is necessary to make a mark on the line, and then, dropping to the desired distance down the next.And so until then, until the whole fabric razgraflena.Next, using a needle and a thread must be horizontally connected to each other at two points, that is necessary to sew together the label 1 and 2 and then 3 and 4, and so on.These actions need to be done with all brands.It is important to tie the most reliable were made, otherwise the appearance of the product may deteriorate very quickly.

curtains with lambrequins

To all the elements to decorate the window opening well together, curtains with lambrequins should sew their own hands simultaneously.This will require an opaque fabric, from which you will cut two curtains required length and width, as well as the required size of the pelmet.Pattern last element can be produced by one of the schemes described above.

As for the curtains, their size depends on the size of the window or doorway - they must completely cover it.It is worth noting that stitches together all the elements is not necessary, because the blinds must be movable and pelmet - remain in place.For the best combination and more original appearance, manufacturing curtains with lambrequins, with their hands can sheathe them braid or fringe of the same color.Also, all these items can be decorated, for example, the same bows or other decorative elements, which can produce both their own and buy in the shop fittings.