Journalism as a profession.

In the past, young people from secondary schools attracted the creative work of artists and singers in the present time, talented young people is more realistic: in addition to the desire to express themselves, everyone wants to get a lot of money for the opportunity to become famous throughout the world.Journalist - is specifically for the young and educated, able not only to competently express their views, but also to attract viewers and readers to the problem.Journalism as a profession gives aspiring writers to demonstrate their ability to attract people to the world's problems, give people the information that he is interested in.

journalist's work includes several functional responsibilities.First of all, a good specialist of the printed or online publication should be able to find the information.Professional will need a keen eye and competent speech and intelligence.A good writer says any, even the smallest details of the event, and make a sensation.Resourcefulness and cunning are also useful in the work.For example, if you write about a restaurant, ask a question that interests the reader.The appearance of the room, the taste of food and level of service, or the way food is prepared, as qualified staff?

Journalism as a profession is very relevant in today's world.Everyone wants to be the center of events, to know everything about everything.More than 100 Russian universities produce specialists of this area every year, but, nevertheless, publications and television stations are in need of true professionals with innovative thinking and a great opportunity.Typically, in the offices working people who do not have higher education in this area, but, anyway, they are much more experienced than those former students who studied negligent in his time.

Speaking about the specifics, identify several major areas: sports journalism, political, international, economic, industry and so on. In all these areas are needed professionals.

Popular specifics of the XXI century - the online journalism.Online account thousands of copywriters and freelancers willing to work for pennies just to create a name for himself.Some bloggers are their sites for free, but with time they will learn about the masses and the authors become known.As a rule, bloggers write about what true directly today.Some are news feeds, and other pay particular attention to the specifics of (fashion, for example).Every year more and more difficult to express themselves on the Internet and not to get lost in a crowd of authors.

Journalism as a profession has its pros and cons.The big advantage is activism.You will constantly be in motion, to meet famous people, travel and write about it.By cons include long working hours and the fact that your salary depends solely on you.Forget about the weekends and holidays with a stable schedule.If you are working on the news, get ready to ride not only interesting, but also dangerous places.Incidents - also your path.Deadlines, rush jobs, layout - all this will be in your life time.If you think that journalism as a profession is right for you, get ready to fight for a place under the sun.