How did the Sicilian criminal authorities?

Criminal authorities in Sicily in the XIX century were convinced that all can be done with a kind word, if you hold a gun.Ironic captures the essence of the ugly phenomenon, which originated on the island after a long, residents of the island shall communicate to the eradication of robberies and robberies on the part of their neighbors.However, organized groups began only after the conquest of Italy by Napoleon, when the feudal nobility left the island and gave his estate manager, the main task of which was collection of taxes from the peasants and knocking out debt.

In order to be effective management of estates, ministers have organized their own small death squads, did not disdain to blackmail.The peculiar association organized and created a peasant family, trying to protect themselves from stray bandits who swarmed at the time of Sicily, located in the heart of the Mediterranean trade routes.The situation was something like in the nineties in our country, when crime bosses in Moscow demanded payment for something that you are not robbed, and for that they will back the loot.

situation was so complicated that the governors of Napoleon did not try to interfere with it, and therefore lost its influence, giving all the power to one thousand supporters of Garibaldi.Has not brought relief to residents of the island and the unification of Italy, as the new authorities were interested in the development of industry, concentrated in the northern part of the country, and the agrarian south survive on their own.Large and medium landowners in Sicily it was difficult to keep the property in these circumstances, so the local criminal authorities become their best assistants, but not always desirable or selected on their own.Such
defenders quickly satiate established under the agreement the board and began to demand a share in the property, gradually appropriating all the property of their hands.Something like we saw in the days when the Russian criminal authorities tried to "fronting" the entire business, and did not miss a single point of sale.

Sicilian same power association became more organized, they were born and have become inherited the tradition to preserve a criminal structure.At the top of their way strong personalities, baking on the safety of the established system and the protection of their interests.Therefore, the criminal authorities have begun to combine all of their members by mutual responsibility and to decide all questions of competition by vendetta - vendetta, to administer justice according to their rules.

The scope of their activities is so broad that no one remains indifferent.Directly or indirectly, every inhabitant of the island becomes associated with a certain group.Gradually, under the control of the criminal authorities take and state officials, distributing positions and personal incentive of lucrative contracts.Expanding the influence went so fast that thriving mafia families have already started to feel the shortage of manpower, therefore, began to expand through marriage and baptism.At the same time the head of the clan - godfather - entrusts several families godchildren, whom he kept under control.

only in the twentieth century Sicily criminal authorities received the first heavy blow, has beaten them in fifteen years, came to power when the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.He had his own army formed of the bandits and the services of the old mafia clans he did not need.