Deteriorating eyesight, what to do?

lion's share of information about the world we get with the help of visual perception, so the first question, when suddenly the vision deteriorates, "What?"

There are two main reasons that lead to loss of vision: any disease or condition of life, which not only impair the health of the eye, but also provoke the development of a variety of ailments.

Why spoil vision?

As a rule, we are guilty of violating the visual perception without performing elementary safety standards in relation to our main source of information about the world.Eye can be called a precision instrument, which should be treated carefully and accurately.

mainly problems related to the constant use of computers, tablets and other gadgets that we use at work, at home, in transport and in general wherever possible.We will understand why deteriorating eyesight from the computer what to do in such cases, how to help your eyes.


main cause of eye problems is a constant voltage, which leads to fatigue the body.Long work on the computer without mandatory in such cases, rest, improper workstation lighting, even just reading in transport - all this leads to increased eye strain.As a result, vision deteriorates.

What to do in such a situation?Radically change their habits and give your eyes a rest.As the rest of this long ago developed special exercises for the eyes, allowing them to relax.

change the lighting of the workplace, it should be remembered that the damage is not only a faint light, but too bright.Do not read in dim lighting and limit themselves to use a computer at least at home.

The drying of the mucous eye

Another very common reason that causes vision problems - dryness.There it is usually due to the fact that we rarely blink, focusing on one point on the screen.

known problem of computer gamers tend to lead to that vision deteriorates.What prompts advertising on television.Firstly, it is necessary to provide additional moisture eyes, good means to do now abound.Second, every half hour, let your eyes rest, distracted by another object.Look out the window or put next to your computer and periodically admire a flower on it.

weakening of the muscles of the lens

This is another problem that arises from the long sitting in front of a monitor, which also can lead to the development of myopia.Due to the fact that the eye perceives the information on one and the same distance to the object, the muscles of the lens do not experience various loading and become sluggish, and it leads to their reduction.

result is quite expected: deteriorating eyesight.What is not clear, because today the work of many computer-related, and highly distracted from her fail.But the exercises for the eyes and you can arrange a lunch break, and at home it is recommended to do the bath to relieve fatigue and irritation.

However, to think that all over the guilty computer tablet and TV, still not worth it.Of course, these achievements of civilization provoke a lot of trouble with the eyes and often lead to serious problems, becoming a catalyst for a variety of diseases.But no less significant and other environmental factors such as environmental conditions, the overall load on the body and illness.


From health of the body depends, and state of the eyes, but often we ourselves provoke visual impairment:

  • Environmental risks, smoking and alcoholism better than computers undermine the health of the eye.
  • Our passion for fast food, chips and other food products, made clear from what is unlikely to benefit the body.
  • excessive use of dietary supplements and drugs again would not be good.
  • constant stress, mental and physical stress and are not conducive to the normal functioning of the organism as a whole, and hence the eyes in particular.
  • viral and infectious diseases can also lead to the alleviation of visual perception.

aging eye tissue

Unfortunately, over time, we do not look younger, so all the tissues of the body subject to aging, including the retina.It contained the pigment begins to break down, and thereby deteriorating eyesight.What to do after 40 years, when he felt the approach of old age?The process stop, of course, impossible, but it is quite possible to help the eyes.Even if you are not experiencing any problems with your vision, and you have it is still almost perfect, yet it makes sense to help them continue to be in such a state.Enter a rule the use of "live" vitamins, health benefits of your eyes.

Especially that the importance of such substances has long been proved, and all products containing the maximum amount of useful components, are well known.It blueberries, which can be used both in fresh and in dried or workpieces.Sweet cherries, carrots, garlic, parsley and other vegetables now readily available fresh at any time of the year, and in fact they contain the greatest amount of nutrients that not only heals, but also to prevent the aging of the eye tissue.

disease, leading to vision loss

not only modern technologies and the proximity of old guilty of decline, although today it is perhaps the main reason for the problems.There is a sufficient number of diseases, due to which the deteriorating eyesight.What to do when your eyes are no longer nice to see sharply, but instead a clear picture - the veil?Now that's a cause for serious concern, since such a drastic change in visual perception indicates a serious disease that can lead not only to a significant loss of vision, but also to its complete loss.If eyesight worsened drastically, what to do?It should seek emergency medical attention without delay the visit until later.In some situations, such as, for example, retinal detachment, or burn, a delay can lead to blindness.


If eyesight began to deteriorate, what to do, it is understandable.It is necessary to eliminate from your life those factors which may affect the health of the eye:

  • To begin to revise your diet and to abstain or even give up bad habits.
  • try to limit pastime at the computer, TV, and other gadgets.Take medicines and dietary supplements only on the advice of the doctor and not self-medicate.
  • Keep fit for a general strengthening of the body, do not forget about exercises for the eyes.
  • In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary to see a specialist, an ophthalmologist to rule out a more serious disease.

If you observe these simple rules, which will be useful throughout the body as a whole, your eyes will appreciate this concern.They will long to see clearly and up close and far away.