2020 - Which animal in the Chinese horoscope?

People are always stretched to the whole mysterious and incomprehensible, tried to look into the future.So horoscope, shrouded in mystery described by ancient oriental legends, never loses its popularity.The figure in 2020 carries a certain magic, so it gets interesting: in 2020 - of the animal on the eastern sign?

2020 - which animal?

In east horoscope 2020 - the year of the Rat.Rat - is the first animal in the 12-year cycle.According to legend, she surpassed all the animals arrived at the Buddha's birthday on the back of a buffalo.Under this sign are born natural leaders.They are very intelligent and perceptive.A child born in the Year of the Rat, is growing very loving and kind person, provided that as a child he lacks parental attention and love.Especially these children are tied to the mother.Rats do not suffer loneliness, really miss someone, afraid of everything new.

Children Rats often get their way by the weeping and whims.They tend to start talking early, as did not know how to be alon

e with each other and are in need of communication.Also, these children need constant confirmation of the love of parents.

Children born in the Year of the Rat, as a rule, a very good appetite.They love the tasty, varied food, they know a lot about it.I like to help my mother in the kitchen and around the house at all.In the East, even believe the baby rats a special gift for parents, because it absolutely will definitely be around to help their parents in their old age.Rats are considered the ideal of their parents, and nothing can convince them.

early child-Rat begins to speak, read and write.They love music, painting, singing.They are not afraid to try out new activities.In addition, they are real workaholic.

Children Rats often beg for another portion of sweets, walk a little more, a little more TV, and so on. D. It can be somewhat unnerving.But growing a master of negotiation.It is because of the ability to negotiate, rats are often successful in business.

firstborn, born in the Year of the Rat

question "2020 - the year of the animal?" Can be set and the parents planning the birth of first child.It is the first child-Rat will always stand out in any group.This is a true leader since childhood.Despite the fact that he would prefer no one to share the attention of parents, it is very tied to the younger brothers and sisters.He also cherishes his family, taking care not only of parents, but also brothers and sisters.Child-Rat - Pet teachers.He is a good student, participates in the life of the team, he was a captain of sports teams, event organizers.

Middle child

2020 - the year of the animal, and it is important for those who would like the second child in the family this year.Middle child Rat forced to constantly compete for attention with senior parents for the championship.He is jealous and tries to "move" the elder tries to win the love and attention.The middle child is jealous of the elder and all life tends to be better, stronger, richer older.It is important to give him enough attention, let reveal their own talents to show their individuality.Otherwise, it can grow unhappy and suffer from complexes and a lifetime to feel the shadow of older brother or sister.

Youngest child

be the smallest for the Rat is very convenient.Its all loved and pampered.He does everything to stay in the spotlight.He's talkative, obedient and very cute.Youngest child-Rat - a born manipulator.It is important not to allow this child to become a major in the family and make it work harder, then he, thanks to a sharp wit and ingenuity, be sure to achieve success in life.

That these kids here will bring us in 2020.What animal promises us Ancient East?Clever, cunning, weasely and tenacious.Not for nothing did he singled out the Buddha himself did the first.

On the eve of the new year all wondering what awaits them in the future.2020 - the year of the animal?What's to celebrate the New Year?Year of the Rat will come only at the end of January, so it does not matter that you will have the night of December 31 to January 1st.Although it is believed that the Rat loves blue-black-and-white scheme.