1966 - year of the animal?

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If interested to know more about 1966: what animal was this year, and what was remembered from the point of view of astrology - it is necessary to refer to the Eastern calendar.

Based on his data, 1966 was a year marked by the horses.Accordingly, all that characterizes the animal, characteristic for a person born in this period.The basis of his temperament there is restlessness, which can be very useful in sporting endeavors.Because of the inherent zeal horses to run free people born this year, a lot like a walk in the fresh air.

What is peculiar to those born in the Year of the Horse?

emphasizes such traits inner nature of man, born in the Year of the Horse, as independence, courage, perseverance, courage, self-esteem, uncompromising, temper, etc.

It has already been answered to the question: "1966 - the year of the animal? "According to the Chinese calendar, the horse is given the status of a noble animal, because of her tenacity, endurance and diligence.In many cultures, this animal symbolizes the vast flow of natural energy, a positive impact on humanity.People born in favor of new initiatives, because of their virtuosity and originality of thought.The underlying motto, the horse stands freedom of expression.

What behavior is inappropriate in the Year of the Horse?

Astrological horoscope for 2014 is the same as in 1966.What animal this year, can be found in the Chinese calendar.

This year gives excessive arrogance, which can cause unwanted results in your endeavors.It is necessary to listen to the inner voice of adequate, intelligible arguments and competent opinion of others.Fundamentally wrong is considered eccentric behavior and impulsive actions.Recommended balanced analysis and calm perception of all new this year.

What to Expect from a horse in relation to love?

What you need to know about the people born in the year 1966?Year of the animal affects the manner of behavior in romantic relationships?The answer to these questions and many others will love astrological horoscope.

in romantic relationships a person born in the Year of the Horse, showing care and kindness.Let your partner feel important.His is the sincerity in the feelings of the partner, which he expresses in a straight line.

With such people never get bored.The originality of their thinking allows partners to continually discover new aspects of nature Horses.

What difficulties can arise in a relationship?

1966 - the year of the animal, it became clear earlier, but is not superfluous to recall that this year protects the horse.All the fascinating and multifaceted nature Horses overshadowed one nuance behavioral aspects, namely frequent change of interests, in which it "starts at a gallop," away if the partner does not share her current hobbies.

1966 - the year of the animal?Horoscope gender-sensitive

Graceful and plasticity of such an animal, like a horse, projected on the female portion of the population born in 1966.There contradictory external behavioral data and a method for positioning in society, especially the men.The first impression on women Horses associated with the Association of inaccessibility and unavailability of their attention, but in practice they are very friendly and sociable.

complexity of female nature, born in the Year of the Horse, is revealed in the inability to adequately understand the problems of personal life.This negative feature coexists with the positive side of these women expressed operatively solve global funny situations in different areas of their lives related.Sociability and altruism can seriously negative impact on health and lead to fatigue.In a career there are high achieving, but without fanaticism, that is, there is the ability to alternate between work and entertainment.Women Horses are good at manipulating their mate.

With regard to the male facial features characteristic of the year the horses are celebrated eloquence of nature, is intertwined with instant amorousness and unbridled passion.This is what causes the difficulty of choosing a partner, and usually a lot of them.But in every respect "male Horses" serious and can be given in full.

Their companion enveloped in love and interest.Outside, the distinguished members of this extraordinary beauty, which harmoniously complements the intelligence and open-mindedness.However, it is also a repulsive factor for a serious relationship, because there is a constant flirt with other female.

1966 - the year of animal sign?Horses Compatibility with other signs representing twelve-year cycle

There is a complexity in the relationship of partners, who were born in the same year, in particular horses.Confrontation egocentric personalities in the family union is permissible only if, the following clearly outlines the dominant subject.

noticed the absence of a pronounced nature of the relationship, the representatives of the horses and goats.The combination of these subjects is dictated by social aspects, not a passionate focus.The outcome may be different.

What kind of relationship does not have a positive conclusion a priori?

There is a clear lack of prospects the couple, under the auspices of the horses and monkeys.Mutual impatience, on the one hand - "horse" character traits expressed arbitrariness and dictatorship, on the other - "monkey" habits and tricks.

Full futile for horses and pigs, in which the first member is not satisfied with the lack of efficiency of activity of useful second.It is associated with a lazy pig and unpromising employee.In response observed dissatisfaction with rudeness and arrogance Horses.

Regarding the union of people who refer to the year of the Rat and Horse, it is possible to talk about the complete opposition of character and temperament.In particular, the horse has a high self-esteem and prestigious status.Rat is inclined to ambitious impulses, but tend to take low-paid work.

Horse patron appears in people who were born in 1966.What animal (compatibility) must be the year of the ideal partner for strong family unit?If you take the relationship Horses and Bull, it is possible to observe the lack of understanding, in view of the aggressiveness of the first entity and, accordingly, the rejection of manipulation Bull.

Who is best to enter into long-term relationships, if you horse sign?

most adequate combination of characters in all areas of people born in the Year of the Horse and Rooster.The maximum positive results can be achieved in business, career and family relationships.The horse with the head of the acts, and Rooster - initiative performer.

Lovely family unit is obtained from representatives, the horses and dogs.The leading place is occupied by horses acting inspiration for the faithful and executive Dogs.The basis of stable relationships of social cohesion.

absolute leader in the creation of a strong alliance with the perfect horse is Tiger.Passionate debate and constant competition only spur their strong relationship.Each row ends with a compromise.Good compatibility for long-term relationships.

Thus, the horse in all relationships is a leader.One only difference is: who is willing to put up with it, and some do not, so people born in 1966, a representative of the animal prefer to see next to him, could be solved only by themselves.