No payment is required for children's ticket to what age ( train and plane ) ?Other features of the acquisition of transport documents for kids

With the approach of the summer season, parents are increasingly interested in the rules of transportation of children.Do I need to buy a children's ticket for the crumbs?Up to what age to train and airplane rebyatni allowed to travel free?What are discounts for children older?Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.It is best to explore the topic of cost in advance and not at the last moment.

completely free children's ticket to how many years on the train?

Obviously, for very small crumbs no separate passenger seat.Indeed, in an unfamiliar environment and new baby calmer is on the hands of his mother, a relative or a friend, is not it?In addition, there is quite risky to leave a crumb on a bunk in the train as there is a risk of its falling to the floor, especially during the swaying motion of transport.Therefore, for a very small child does not need to purchase a paid children's ticket.Up to what age to train the baby will sit without their own transport document?In this case, the age of the limited period from birth to five years.Simultaneously with the purchase of an adult issue and free child ticket is still necessary (upon presentation of a birth certificate).If you have not done this in advance, and can be accessed immediately after landing to the head of the train.This will need to pay a small fee.

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traveling on the train with the baby older

If desired and necessary, parents can purchase a children's ticket with space instead of completely free on the crumbs of up to five years.Calculating the cost will be carried out in this case at a special discount price.But still, you see, that hardly anyone dares to go to train with the kids.Most go on a journey with rebyatney older.So look at what age children takes a train ticket on a separate passenger seat.If a child from five to ten, then a travel document it will cost you 35% of the cost of an adult.This benefit applies only when traveling to Russia.Abroad, there are other rules.The cost will vary from 50 to 70% relative to the adult.

What is the cost of children's tickets for the kids?

aircraft is more attractive mode of transport for traveling with young children, than the train.The main reason for this fact - a significant reduction in travel time.In contrast to the w / d travel, the purchase of children's aviadokumentov there is no 100% discount.So, consider the children's ticket with how many years and how many have at least some significant benefits to pay.For a kid from birth to two years, it will cost only 10% of the normal value of the adult fare.But such is the price only when you travel with one child, which does not require the place.If you fly in you plan with two or more children, the payment of their tickets (even if they are under two years) will be equal to 50% of the adult travel document.

buy tickets and train tickets to teenagers

for older rebyatni, of course, you must buy a ticket with a personal software separate passenger seat.Even if almost all the way your baby will be in your hands, you will have to purchase a travel document.Consider the features of payment for air and train tickets.The cost will depend, of course, the age of the child.When traveling by plane kid from two to twelve years you will have to pay half the adult fare.Senior rebyatnya will no longer enjoy any privileges.If you send in aviapoezdku son or daughter under the age of five years without anyone's support, be prepared to pay the full ticket.When w / d-tour starting from the age of ten also have to buy a ticket for the price of an adult.The exceptions are the following categories of children.


during school hours for the individual student discounts when purchased w / a child ticket.Up to what age to train the document will be much cheaper than at the usual time?In the period from October 1 to May 15, students and cadets of military and naval schools at the age of 10 years pay half the fare of the total cost.But it is sure to be present when purchasing a certificate from the school.

What documents are needed for the purchase of children's ticket?Important tips

So, to formalize the right of the child to travel, you must remember the following:

  1. Have a submission for registration of documents in the original birth certificate (for children from 14 years - a passport).
  2. When traveling abroad without their parents need to execute and notarize the consent of both adults.If the trip is carried out with relatives, have a document confirming a direct relationship.In that case, if the child is traveling abroad with only one parent, a formal agreement is not required.
  3. With baggage is not required for its completion only in air transport.Just like adults, he will be free, while train travel, prepare half-pay.

Features paperwork when traveling with children a lot.Consider the rules in each case.Examine the rules in advance and ticket prices can be addressed to the head of transport issues.Proper design will ensure a relaxing holiday even in cases of international tourism.