The interior in bright colors: the color of beech

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Although occasionally intruding revolutionary design ideas, most people are trying to make out the interior of houses in calming neutral shades.This is easily explained: after a hard day's work want to relax in a pleasant atmosphere, where the eyes are not irritated or aggressive gloomy color spots.Perhaps it is this, and owes its popularity to the color of beech - light cream color of natural wood with fine textured.

Benefits Interior

natural shades of natural wood color palette refers to a natural, natural shades, it helps to create a comfortable home environment.On a deep psychological reasons people perceive these colors easily, without stress, which is why the color beech is a response from the buyers of various wooden household items, furniture and flooring.

If furnish the apartment furnished in light natural tones, it becomes much easier to pick up the decor.This interior can not be considered aggressive, but because of its neutrality, cabinets, chests and chairs made of beech perfectly fit into the environment of any color.

combination of contrasting colors

furniture can not be attributed to the objects that have to be updated frequently, it acquired a long time, so it's best to foresee the possibility to change the decor without the need for global spending on new tables and cabinets.If the base shade of a beech color adopted, it is possible to vary the visual image due to bright contrast textile covers for upholstered furniture, floor carpet and curtains on the windows.

to the interior is not annoying, it is recommended to avoid unnecessary medley.Therefore, neutral beige gamut so good, light furniture as if dissolved in space without disturbing form decor at its discretion due to the zoning of the space and placement of color accents.

furniture made of beech, without toning

Natural beech does not necessarily have the light cream color, which is often positioned as beech.Wood may be slightly yellowish or have nice pink tide, there is a variety with dark sharper textured.It all depends on the area in which the trees grow, and sometimes you can find quite rare species of wood.However, the standard remains light beech color that is so loved by manufacturers of quality furniture, especially children's.

manufacturers ingenuity knows no bounds, so sometimes you can meet even attempt Pastur beech planks when the wood is treated with the addition of gold or silver paint to emphasize the natural pattern.But in any acts of commerce logical and simple vote purses buyers leadership keeps a light cream color beech furniture which fully meets the requirements and the quality and beauty.

Beech furniture: simple, high-quality, well-

secret of the popularity of beech furniture is simple: quality characteristics of wood left little other alternatives.Beech belongs to the hardwoods, he gives not a resinous and dense wood with little knots.Thanks to an aesthetically pleasing sight saw cut, which has a nice soft tone after grinding, many designers prefer visual solutions such as color beech.Furniture in this case combines all the necessary qualities: durability, practicality, safety.

Thick wood structure contributes to the durability and long service life.It is less susceptible to cracking, delamination, many buyers beech shade evokes a feeling of merit, which is why manufacturers can give to products from other types of wood, this pleasant shade.The room furniture looks so harmoniously, even if it is a simple table.Color beech creates unique visual zone of peace, and it is valuable.

possible changes in the design

Thanks neutral base tint, the interior becomes quite mobile, so that when you wish you could change it.For example, serves as a base complete set of furniture - beech color, bright color, non-tinted.To update the look of the room, will be enough to change the wallpaper, textiles and decorative accessories.In some cases, not even a need to update the walls, for example, if the pasted wallpaper for painting.Placing a pair of wall panels in contrasting colors completely changes the perception of the basic color hue.

If you change the lighting, curtains on the windows and make rearrangement of furniture, it will cost expensive, but significantly transform the interior.If you want to radically change the color scale, it would like to mention a pleasant fact: beech wood perfectly amenable to tinting or coloring, furniture, you can decorate a variety of methods, up to decoupage.Making a choice in favor of a neutral base, you leave a huge space for maneuver for the future.