Importing - an ancient trade route

International relations at the present stage of development could not exist without the exchange of goods and services.The country is in need of oil, it can be obtained only through the purchase and importation of other lands.This process is called import goods.Import - is the purchase, the import of goods, services and technologies from outside the state to further its domestic sales.

How long existed imports?

This word came into use much later than the activity itself.Import - is not only the delivery of goods and aircraft laden rail and road.Do not think that people are not traded in the non-existence of modern times developed system of importation of the goods.The very word "import" is derived from the Latin "importo" - insert.Remember that in the history books described the famous trade route "from the Vikings to the Greeks."One of the most trading countries in ancient times was Greece, barren rock which did not allow her to grow fertile culture.For the opportunity to make trade in the markets of Athens, they pay a fee.And so modern importation of goods pawned.Modern manufactured imports, given the many factors and is a rather difficult procedure.To prevent the importation of firearms and drugs illegally customs carefully examine imported goods.It simplifies the process of using company or individual intermediary.Customs cleared goods to the person living in the country easier.Modern companies involved in the procedure of import of goods is carried out without the participation of the importer, thereby facilitating its activities.By entering into a contract, these companies take full responsibility for passing customs control, payment, and sometimes emplacement.

Tourist import

Tourist imports into Russia is an integral part of market relations.If you have not heard about this, I will explain.Tourist imports - is the import of a certain country and impressions of her removal from her money.Export - on the contrary it is the export and import of impressions money.This is a very interesting export because it is different from the normal cash flow, which moves in the opposite direction.Coming to Russia, tourist leaves some money here, paying for different services or buying goods and souvenirs.Instead, he is out of the country about her experience.In the Russian Federation there was a problem recognizing the tourist firms as providing export services.But the Tax Code is in no hurry to accept them as such, and that contradict the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), in which the country can not enter.
In the first article of the GATS makes it clear that the companies that provide travel services to citizens of another country, are considered to be export.

return to the import of goods from abroad.As you have seen, and imports - is a very important component of the global economy.The exchange of goods and services, ensures the stability of the domestic economic situation in the country.Widely known in Soviet times, the word "deficit" have forgotten thanks to trade relations of the modern world.