Find an investor - so go half way to success

What's the hardest part of the process of the implementation of a business idea?Planning development?Search for future artists?Advertising campaign?Practice shows that, compared to the problem of where and how to find an investor to do all of the above - "a piece of cake."Or two.But if you do not want to remain "unrecognized genius", which depends on the infancy of his idea, you should be right now to seek a man who agrees to invest in the development of this very idea.

But as rational thing to do?Where are found all these "wonderful animal" can entrust their savings unfamiliar (albeit ideological) people?Let's look at the options.

easiest - is to contact the bank.Virtually all modern domestic banking institutions to offer their customers the opportunity to receive credit for the discovery of their business.In principle, the amount of which shall be issued, too much can not be called modest.But there is a credit loan.You will have to recover the entire debt with a huge percentage (which sometimes may even exceed the size of the debt).To leave the same with their "blood" oh so you do not want.What to do?Are there any alternatives?

It is at such moments to promising startups descend from heaven "angels."No, really.Private investors who are in search of interesting projects, we now have more than enough.And, by the way, in some circles they are known as "business angels".Where to find this type of investor - this is the second question, which is also worth a stop.

Best of all, of course, if you start a search for a private investor among their acquaintances, relatives, friends and friends of your friends.In this case, the risk is minimal on both sides: the investor will be 100% sure that in the event of failure or fraud you will not turn from it to escape.In turn, you can not worry about what you will ruthlessly punished for the slightest deviation from the plan.

But, unfortunately, not always this way of acting.How to find an investor, if some of your friends and their entourage do not have enough rich people or those who can risk their assets?You'd be surprised, but you can find an investor anywhere: look for press releases and other useful information, enable to find forums and social networks.

Where to find an investor, if you need a large sum?You can turn the small (but perfectly legal!) Trick: find a man who agrees to give you any part of the amount requested.Then you can go to look for smaller investors, who, being aware of the credibility and success of the ground will be able to provide much less fear you the tools to implement your idea.

How to find an investor for the business fast?Some people do it as soon as someone takes more time.But we want to sincerely wish all the budding startups, investors began to search for the most difficult test on the path to development and success - because it would mean that all future difficulties can now handle several times easier!