Traveling on a motorcycle (mototouristik).

The purpose in life every person in the world of its own.Someone wants to have a happy family, someone has to climb to the top of the career ladder, and someone wants to look at our planet with all its parts.That is to travel the world to visit many countries to look at the beauty of our nature, make new acquaintances.For many people, there is a dream.For it to come true, it is necessary to seek by all means.

way to travel Nowadays, types of tourism are so diverse that everyone chooses what he wants.Some people like it and want to get on a plane and in a few hours to land on another continent and immediately went to the hotel, relax and start excursions to the countryside.

Some like to walk to get around half of the world that is as small as possible means of transport to access, arguing that much nice to see.There are people who like a budget option and try to hitchhike to get to the right place, but already there is somewhere a shelter, that it was cheaper.Some people like to bike to wind hundr

eds of kilometers to see the beauty of the earth.Someone attracted to travel by train.A common view is traveling tours by bus, when a few days or weeks time to see a lot of countries and cities, all the while moving bus.All these types of tourism, there are on the planet, because everyone tastes and desires are different.And having decided to begin the journey, anyone can select the appropriate option to him.But the most extreme, the most interesting and exciting form of tourism is traveling on a motorcycle, when going to a group of people, and together they begin an unforgettable trip around the world.


Sports tourism is an interesting and exciting sport.This is a team sport, which is based on mutual help and mutual assistance to each other.Sport Tourism is probably the most spectacular views of tourism.As you find yourself in a very difficult situation, and you need to get out of them so that more and win.

Through this tourism can know the nature of the culture of any country, because face it alone.Sports tourism is not forced to spend huge money on it to see the world.This is a budget sport athlete if he so wishes.For all these reasons, you can find something in common with Mototourism.


Traveling on motorcycles may start anyone with a motorcycle, the right to control his desire.Well thought out all the moments, you can hit the road.Mototourism gives a sense of freedom when you're on a motorcycle mchishsya, knowing that you'll get another city, another country, one can relax and enjoy the ride.Well-suited to people who have a decent income and can not in any way distract from work.Traveling on motorcycles will help to do it.

necessary for several weeks to leave the job, knowing that the money available will be enough to stretch to the next payday, and take a trip around the country or world.

Preparing for Mototourism

In order to go on a trip on a motorcycle, you must pre-plan trips well to consider all the routes it needs to decide where and at what time I want to go.You must decide how many cities and countries need to drive and look to determine the total amount of time allotted for travel.After that break all the time on the objects that have to stay for a longer time.Calculate the speed and the distance to know how long it takes to travel.After that, add another ten percent of the time trip to an emergency stop, because in a way it can happen anything.

So, after the timing and plan need to think about and view to the bike was ready for the trip and to take everything you need with you.

The main things that are needed during mototouristik

In order to have a good and safe to spend a vacation, you need to travel to take with things that will contribute to this.Be sure to bring your tent, if you are traveling not for one day.Of course, to sleep at night can be cold, so you need to take a sleeping bag.They can hide at night or in his climb up and close to the head.Also, the tent will stand on the land, and reduce the possibility of dampness, it needs to take a mat that will not give moisture to take place in a tent.Another useful to take with inflatable pillow for a good night's sleep.During the day it can serve as a seat and headrest night.It is convenient because it does not take up much space and adds convenience, as well as the usual pillow.All of the above is necessary for a good and safe sleep during rest.Also, care must be taken, and how you can still stay warm and eat.To do this, take matches or lighters that you can easily get fire.Also need a gas burner, do not always get warm or to cook food on a fire.It is necessary to take a set of some dishes that will not be brittle and easy to wash off.You can even take a set of disposable tableware, not to fooling with washing.We need to grab the tank, where it will be possible when the need to lay down the remnants of a meal to eat up a little later her.For safety and convenience, it is necessary not to forget a flashlight to at night was clearly visible.Another main components are hiking backpacks dryer for clothes and shoes and warmer, so that when wet and damp weather can be warm and put on dry clothes.Taking with him all this, simply go round the world trip on a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Travel

For each person selection parameters motorcycle travel are completely different, this is normal.After all, who wants to bike was fast, someone important is that it is strong and stable, and some comfortable fit.So the best bike for trips for everybody.Most importantly, he was a trusted owner to machinery at the wrong time did not disappoint the person.

ride on a motorcycle "Ural"

a long trip on a motorcycle, you must be sure of proper operation and reliability.What can you say about the motorcycle "Ural"?It is the Soviet model, which has the ability to connect with a sidecar, which is very convenient.Traveling by motorcycle "Ural" is suitable for couples as it will be convenient to sit together and take a sufficient number of things.In Soviet certainly is a strong motorcycle mount, reliable and established all the systems, and additional carriage only puts a huge plus to this bike.

Motorbike equipment for travel

to proceed on the motorcycle, check all equipment and to take all the necessary for the proper and safe operation of the vehicle during the trip.It is also necessary to take the case for motorcycle, so it does not mock and do not rot in the rain and during wet weather.We need to take with a cigarette lighter in order to be able to charge the phone, and in general, to be present for the use of electricity.For long distance and need to take a long trip back to the driver that though sometimes he could give back to rest.Equipment for motorcycles must include Clearances for legs, so they do not numb while driving.It is also necessary to equip the bike clips and harness luggage, that was where he lay down and fix.Most importantly, you need to always carry the equipment for self-repair, since minor damage may be accompanied by a person in a way even in the proper motorcycle.

Travel Russia

Of course, the whole world wants to see most of the people on earth.But few people realize that their country can find a lot of beautiful and interesting places.Take a trip on a motorcycle in Russia will be no less exciting than to commit it for the world.Russia - the largest country in the world by area and, of course, it is something to see.Very good to sit on the bike and go where you can meet a bear, and see endless forests, high mountains, great lakes.Benefits trip to Russia on a motorcycle that so you can see all the beauty of this country.After all, it is famous worldwide for its sunsets, its flora and fauna.You can also go to Lake Baikal, where beautiful nature, where you can swim and relax and forget about all your problems.

Travel motorcycle does not leave anyone dissatisfied.Anyone who tries to at least a few days to travel on a motorcycle, will never be able to leave this job and throughout life, if possible, will repeat it again and again.If such a journey sent the couple, it is a romantic trip.Such a pastime like a young couple, and every vacation they will try to hold together somewhere on the shores of a lake or the sea, go there on his motorcycle.