Uncomplicated story

About one small but brave dog and a pilot, but unmarried handler.

I had a friend, a neighbor downstairs, Valera-canine.This.Ensign half his life on the border.Then he retired, came home, got a job at the Interior Ministry.Again cynologist.Well, do something as nothing else can.But in the business ac no search.At home in spare time I have become to earn the same.The clientele there is no shortage of willing to instill in their dogs right skills is all.

But we must also think about themselves?Under forty, never married.The whole family - a German shepherd.But you know, if the age of forty men house is not filled with children's laughter, it is filled with empty bottles.(Yeah, it's the French, he is filled with nightmares. And we French do not decree ourselves who likes zakoshmarim) And he began to quietly look for a companion of life.

Where can I get?For starters I looked around the inner circle of customers.Some flirting skills over many years of severe border Boden lost?And then at least at least I have something to talk about, that's good.Well, again, among the fanatical sobachnits authority he could not be high, which is important.

And here again, the proverb about the catcher and the beast, and she appears.The lady of his dreams.With the traditional question "Are you my dog ​​did not look for her upbringing in security skills?We were told that you are a great master! "He saw how, once realized - we must take!"Well, why should, say, does not see?Bring an hour tomorrow to five of your wolfhound »

And the next day, he just finished training with a shepherd, about five, there is this lady.Well, he asks, "Where is your terrible dog?" To which she, no less undeterred, pulls from his pocket and hands him a natural toy dog ​​with big frightened eyes.Canine lump in his throat swallowed, cleared his throat, and carefully just in case asks quietly, "This is a joke, right?»

lady answered in surprise pops the same as that of a lap dog round beautiful eyes."Well, why is the joke?" "But it's not a service, it's decorative dog ?!" - says specials."So what?- It surprised the lady again.- Well, it is possible to teach there some special teams, reception!You do not see that it's small!This is a very bold, clever dog!Only her little skill is not enough.And so - a very good guard! »

« Well, what a guard ?!- Says specialist, already feeling the frustration of a failed romance.- What nonsense you are carrying?Yes, she sees the same sneakers - describe! "He waved his hand in the hearts, he turned around, and went to finish the lesson.A dog lady dropped her to the ground and threw up her hands in confusion.And she began to look like the real train, the big dog right.And his marmazetke says, "Look, Jules, and learn."And worth watching.

A canine just this zuboneprobivaemom his waistcoat, wadded up his sleeve, as it mimics the villain who attacks a defenseless victim.The master Shepherd somehow not very cleverly trying to prevent this case, stumbling at the villain underfoot.Scoundrel, simulating fear and uzhos, let their heels, as if afraid of the evil dog.Mistress commanded the detention and Shepherd reluctantly turning his overfed ass starts to simulate as if persecution.Strongly behind in speed and so do not hurry villain.In the background, the mistress Shepherd comes in the team cry.In short, there is so unconvincing theater.But still exciting.Mistress lap dog, watching this thing, too slowly drawn into the story and even starts clapping her hands and jumping up and down as viewed lyubimigo series.

plot moves to its sad end.The villain is ready to hide in nearby bushes with impunity, poor shepherd on the move struggling with shortness of breath and love for mankind.At this point there is the most unexpected.Mistress lap dog jumps up again, loud clapping and shouting in despair Shepherd "Yes, do you take him at last!"Then lapdog that everyone is in the heat of the chase course forgotten, stares at his mistress, takes off, a white small bullet quietly flies past Shepherd, which focus all the attention fleeing handler makes spurt, throw, and a stranglehold seizes it completelyno secure Achilles tendon.And it hangs.And so telepaetsya on foot white cloth, wheezing and porykivaya until the villain does not fall as knocked down.

short.Spices taken to injury.Tendon pieces.Housewife makes a lapdog-cha-tyay and experiences certainly embarrassed.Then they visit the sick, bring him apples, soup in a saucepan, and walk his dog Gerda.Then he reflected that soup can be cooked on the spot, and if you stay the night, we get a strong time-saving.Then, three months later, when the leg is completely healed and Valera was able to walk without a cane, they were married.Well, the dogs also had to somehow find a common language.Although the dog is generally easier.

That's the uncomplicated story about a small but brave dog and unmarried, but an experienced handler.


PS Yes.Fans of course truthful stories can immediately start to question how could such a small dog seriously damage the tendon of the adult.I am, to be honest, too tormented by this question.So far, a few years later, when their home is finally filled with happy children's laughter, Valera on the big secret is not revealed to me the truth.Even he called the amount that he had zabashlyat surgeon in injury to the violation of medical ethics at the correct diagnosis.Because, like it or not, for Valery it was the last chance not to miss happiness.

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