Feng Shui for Love: expert advice

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If you are still alone, but to attempt to find your soul mate, to help you in this difficult matter can feng shui for love.Let us see what experts advise Feng Shui to as soon as possible to find happiness and love.

Symbols of love feng shui

If you are serious to arrange his personal life, it is recommended to hang at the entrance to the bedroom painting of peonies, which in Feng Shui symbolizes love.You can also decorate the bedroom, and living in a beautiful vase of peonies.For married couples the same as living and painted peonies are highly undesirable, because of an overabundance of love the energy of one of the spouses can draw on treason.

Another loving mascot of feng shui crystals are symbolizing Mother Earth.Before installation, they must be "clean" by holding seven days in sea water, and then in the south-west corner of your bedroom.

Feng Shui for Love : twin statues

Another powerful talisman, attracting the love of a person's life are the paired statues.You can use any images of people or animals, as long as there were two statues, and they symbolize the couple.Positioning these mascots is desirable in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlove, which is located in the far right corner of the bedroom door.By the way, this place must be treated tenderly, keep it clean and try not to overload it with unnecessary things and objects.

Feng Shui for Love : decoration bedroom

Pay special attention to the interior of your bedroom: it is desirable that he was born in gentle pink or peach tones.It is believed that these colors can attract love.

should also always remember that throughout the apartment, especially in the bedroom, must always prevail order.Try to get rid of old unwanted or broken items, artificial flowers and cracked dishes, because all these things are attracted to the house only negative energy.

Feng Shui for Love : Bed

Of particular note is the location of your bed for sleeping.If you want to attract love into your life, then your bed is sure to be a double.When you're lying in bed, your view should open some beautiful thing: the ideal option would be the already mentioned painting of peonies.Also, Feng Shui to attract love is categorically not allow hanging over the bed massive chandeliers and shelves.The ideal location of the bed is considered, if it is installed in the direction of the headboard to the window.

Feng Shui for Love: additional recommendations

Due to the fact that, as a rule, housing single girls and women filled only women and children through various energy cushioned, trinkets, teddy bears, etc.to attract into your life man, you need to bring to your apartment a little male energy.For this place in his bedroom modelku car or plane Favourite athlete, singer or actor.It is also possible to have any pet but exclusively males.