How to apply for a newcomer vacation?

Almost everyone, for the first time to get a job, finds himself in a situation where you need to write an application for leave.And oddly enough, there are many questions about this.How to apply for a vacation?Why not take a long-awaited vacation in any time period?How many days is necessary?Let us try to clarify the situation as much as possible, based on existing labor legislation, but excluding the intricate terms.

First of all, you must understand that any citizen, for the first time to get a job, have the right to annual leave after six months of waste.The upcoming event always agree with the supervisor, and to do this not only verbally but also in writing.

When and how to apply for a vacation?

statement vacation is always written at least 14 days, but not at any convenient for the employee day.Further, in the personnel department issued the corresponding order, as a rule, within five working days.Accounting, in turn, is obliged to pay at least 3 days before the start (under the law).The refusal to accept the application of the personnel on vacation, written one day before the start, it is legitimate.Any failure to comply with the Labour Code is fraught with penalties for the organization.That's why you need an employee to comply with deadlines, so as not to create problems to colleagues and the time to receive holiday pay cash.

How to count the number of earned holiday?

You can do this yourself using the following formula:

Vacation = 2.33 x Kom,

where Kom - the number of months worked.

Thus, an employee who has worked, for example, 9 months, has every right to have 21 calendar days (2.33 x 9 = 20.97).Perhaps a partial fragmentation of the period, as write a statement on vacation and can be for a shorter period.

If the employee asks for more number of days of rest than is necessary, it should be remembered that in case of dismissal it will be necessary to return the money for the organization of the holidays taken in advance.Some employers, for fear of financial loss, do not always go forward in this case, and rightly so.If the employer gives the go-ahead, then, in order to avoid possible conflicts, personnel officer is obliged to explain intelligibly employee any financial obligations that arise from the organization in case of unexpected dismissal when "peregulyannom" vacation.

Subtleties application form Vacation

Not everyone from the first time can correctly write an application for leave.The main problem - the desire of people to minimize words, despite the fact that application forms have assumed minimum "scribbling."Therefore it is necessary to spend on the correct application for vacation a little time to get vacation time and not complain loaded accountants mistakenly transferred money to the account of the namesake.

employee who has worked full-year, is entitled to 28 vacation days (calendar days).But there are certain categories of citizens, which at the legislative level provides a greater number of days, for example, the disabled.In addition, much depends on the specifics of the organization.How to write an application for leave, if he has not earned, and free a few days are vital?

In such cases, you can apply for a leave of absence "without content", ie. E. Without pay.Over, in this case should not rely on financial payments, but a way out for both sides: for the employee and the organization