What are the sizes of sheets?

XXI century is rightly considered the time of information technology.Every day in the world a huge amount of data transferred.

A significant portion of this amount is made up of computer data and materials, however, it is still in many instances encouraged the use of paper media for the above purposes.In this regard, international standards have been developed that are more fully describe all the commonly used sizes of sheets.Because each piece of paper has a well-defined dimensions, the legislation has also developed the corresponding state standards, which lists all the sheet formats.


At present two systems are well known, determining the size of the paper: international and North American standards.Each of them has its own unique features.

international standard

Based on the well-known metric system of measurement.It was originally adopted by a sheet of paper with an area equal to one square meter (A0).All other formats of the sheets of such a system have been obtained by adding a so-called source code half.After all, everyone knows that the A1 twice less than A0;A2 - twice as big as the A1 and so forth.Denote the length and width values ​​for each of the formats A0 - length 1189 mm, width 841 mm;A1 - 841h594;A2 - 594h420;A3 - 420h297;A4 - 297h210;A5 - 210h148;A6 - 148x105.

It is also important to remember that the international standard (GOST "sheet size") includes a number of series A, B and C. Each of these are used in their area of ​​human activity.For example, A is characterized by a series of different sizes edging plain paper.It is also widely used as a basis for office documents;for the production of clean goods, as well as in the production of publications.

sheet format series in the most complete possession of a niche, which is responsible for the production of posters, flyers, as well as passports and konvertov.Bumazhnye sheets in this series are the least common in the modern world, because rarely used in business.Nevertheless format sheets (GOST 2.301-63) B5 with dimensions 176h250 mm can be seen quite often, because they are used for publishing houses printing books.

Series C is designed for the production of envelopes, to be subsequently invested paper sizes Serie A peculiarity of this category can be considered that the dimensions of the sheet C Series will be equal to the geometric mean of paper sizes A and B of the same number.Thus we see that sheet formats C4 will be slightly larger than A4 size, but smaller than B4.This is done to ensure that the paper document of A4 size can be put in an envelope format C4, and that, in turn, more dense folder B4.

North American standard paper sizes such rarely seen on the territory of the former USSR.Formats sheets of this type are defined by the American National Standards Institute, better known by the acronym ANSI.However, in the companies, the daily activities are connected with the organizations of the Americas, at times you can see the format Letter.It is important to know that sheets of paper of this size are the national standards, not only in the US but also in Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, as well as a number of countries of the South American continent.