How to transfer meter readings of water?

In today's world people care about the environment.That is why to the most distant Russian glubinok reached mass of meters into the water.It is not just a means of household savings, but also a personal contribution of everyone to care about the ecology of the world where our descendants will live.However, each will face the question of how to transfer the readings of water meters.Though universal instruction can not be here, because it depends on your housing authority, local authorities and others, try to identify the main ways that are most common.

properly remove

in your apartment must be installed individual water meters.Their number depends on how much pipe is supplied to your housing.The devices can be mechanical or electronic.The first are the most popular because of its low price.They look like a mechanical display with digits, and which need to be addressed.Black color reflects the whole cubic meter of water consumed, red - share.To submit meter readings of water, you need a black figures.Regardless of their number on the board, you take only those on the left of the decimal point.Transfer readings should be at the end of each month.Although according to the latest government decision, there are no clear boundaries, when you need to notify the Housing Authority this information, better to do it from 23 to 26 the number.So it will be easier to count the cost of the common unit.Do not forget to transfer the counter cold and hot water, separating the numbers with a semicolon.

On the phone at the appointed date data about the water you can always call the Housing Authority and its transfer to the operator or accountant your details.To do this, you only need to know the telephone number, which is always printed on your receipt.Do not forget to provide your address and the name of the owner of property.

Special boxes

Another option to transfer meter readings of water - it is to lose a piece of paper with his testimony in a certain box.They can usually be found at post offices and your housing authority office.To no discrepancies have arisen include the following information:

- your home address;

- serial number of the counter;

- date readings.

all, then throw a piece of paper with the data in a drawer and forget about it for another month.

system «City»

For the convenience of the inhabitants of our country operates a system where you do not just meter readings can be learned, but also pay utility bills, fines, duties.It is very convenient, because the trips to different instances are reduced significantly.Usually connected to this system, banks, post offices.Operators can also be located in large shopping centers.If you know where nearby there is an operator, just tell him your details and all.

electronic method

Transfer meter readings, you can not even leave the chair outside the home.Internet in this case the best assistant.You can do this in several ways.

1) Firstly, many homeowners associations already have a website, where each user has a personal account.Through it you can see your payment history, general information, rates.And, of course, you can send readings of water meters.Typically, the system itself shows you the difference between the current and previous months.If you see large numbers that spend could not cancel the operation and verify the data entered.If you confirm this testimony to you, and it will have to pay for a receipt.

2) Second, many banks with online banking and connected to the "City", will allow you not only to submit the necessary information on time, but also to pay various debts directly with your credit card.

some nuances

1) Please note that when you need to transfer the counter cold and hot water, easily confused, and yet the price per cubic meter of hot water is much higher.So try to always compare what you pass, with the testimony of the previous month.

2) If you do not know where to transmit water meter readings, study carefully your receipt that you receive every month.There should be a responsibility of the phone, and there should be a call.It is not necessary to delay the process, because otherwise you'll pay a lot more - according to the norm.


Many wonder what happens if you pass the wrong meter readings, understating the figures.For example, the item "cold water" to convey the counter, lower by 2 cube.If this is done the system, the difference value can be substantial.On this there is a simple answer.Staff at your HOA may come to your home to verify the meter readings.It does not happen often, but it is possible.Then you have to pay not only the difference but also the penalty for false testimony.

In addition, each counter has a period of verification.For example, the unit for hot water confide every four years, and cold - every six years.In this case, your statement will also be marked and transferred to the destination, but not you.So cunning in this matter is not necessary.Savings $ 100 today may grow into a large amount of the fine after a while.So to summarize:

1) You can choose any convenient way to convey information about the spent cubic meters of water.This will help you the nearest post office, online, or simply call in the housing office.

2) Do not forget to transfer the information to the end of the month.

3) Pay attention to the order of the names of your HOA, because their timing and methods for data submission may differ from the general rules described here.

4) Spend a little time to set up an electronic way of presenting data.It will save you a lot of time in the future.The three mouse clicks, you can send the information to the appropriate authorities.Especially since this method has many advantages.

Many scares herself installation of meters, and a new commitment - to transmit information correctly and on time - and does prevent them acquire.But saving water and material gain - that's the best reason to such devices is still there in your apartment.