Lent for the layman.

People nowadays do not just think about God.They flock to him spiritually, trying as best fit their lives under the rules specified by the canons of faith.Sooner or later, everyone comes to the need to observe Lent.For the layman - a requirement difficult, sometimes excessive.Especially if you focus on monastic regulations.However, not all is as it seems.Let's face it.

meaning of fasting is necessary to understand that not eating is not a diet, and even more punishment.
Lent for the layman should be a time of spiritual cleansing in the first place.This is an opportunity to dissociate itself, to break away from the common in modern times, the desire to consume.Advertising and the variety of goods sometimes squeezed out of the minds of most awareness of the Lord.A Lent for the layman may be an opportunity to get away from this "constant race for the good things."After all, happiness, as it turns out almost everyone, regardless of the wealth of material.To understand this, understand the heart - is the goal of Lent.Yet it should be understood that its rules, of course, quite clearly defined.However, there are many "concessions" who wish to enjoy.This is not a "loophole for cunning."Rather, they are fragile grace of the Lord for the spirit and the body, too.Just do not come with dismay to this peculiar test.It was not invented for this great post.Rules for the laity are not strict.Anyway, people from hunger will not die, but the time to think he will.

not according to the ordinance, and conscience

If you ask the priest what it means to Lent for the layman, it usually will not talk about products, but about the soul.For instance, talking about a variety of statutes, the ministers of the temple of the monastery is often mentioned, but also about Typicon.The fact that the various groups of believers interpreted in its own rules laid down in the Holy Scriptures.The monks, who give to the Lord all his thoughts, must comply with very strict post.From the laity itself is not required.Yes, they are prescribed limitations.But all of them are related more to the work of the spirit, not the oppression of the stomach.Kiev abbot Alipio concluded: conscience need to fast, then the Lord will bless your efforts.Supreme objectionable regulations.He is more important when the believer will be able to cultivate one's repentance, illuminate the soul with love of neighbor.That is the soul tends to God, instead of torturing himself to death.

As laity observe Lent

Let's talk about the specific rules chetyrehdesyatnitsy.The first touch of strict bans.They relate to meat, alcohol, oil.You should also refrain from confectionery, namely candies, pastries, cakes, muffins and the like.All this is done in order to shower worked, remained without a "sense of bodily pleasure."While some easing is still provided.

So, on certain days allowed to serve up fish, eggs, vegetable oil use.You say that the observance of Lent for the laity - a pure nightmare.In fact it is not.After all authorized products is much more than the forbidden.And more importantly, they are much tastier and healthier, but we and our habits have forgotten about it.

What could have

to the table is allowed to submit cereals and vegetables, fruits both fresh and dried.Many people find it difficult to give up meat.So, it is perfectly replace the mushrooms!They are in chetyrehdesyatnitsu allowed.The protein will help fill the nuts.They are now on sale and a lot of its own, and "overseas".While all rasprobuete, forget about the limitations.Same goes for vegetables.It is interesting that during fasting, many people are changing taste preferences.Dried fruit, candied fruit and nuts they then chewed with great pleasure, than sweets and chocolates.For some, the revelation becomes a variety of dishes, which are prepared from vegetables.In addition, permitted to eat cheese.Most often, the recommended low-fat.But their huge number.Buy or hard cheese varieties.So forget about the meat completely.

Speaking of seafood in the statutes does not mention.In some monasteries of Cyprus, for example, they are served on weekends and holidays.Therefore, the laity is also possible.

About bread

composing the menu for the days of Lent, try to make it diverse.By the way, it's simple enough.But the strict rules should also be taken into account.They primarily relate to bread.People with normal health banned white flour.That is to buy bread (oven) should be rye or wholemeal grains.With this in stores is no problem.The current industry offers a variety of options: the bran, and nuts, and grains.Choose your taste.But from white loaf is abandoned.On the other hand, the fact he and the post to limit yourself to the glory of the Lord!Exceptions are made only for small children and the sick.They were allowed to eat meat and other delicacies.This is the highest justice, it is not necessary to risk the health, such sacrifices God no one is required.

Calendar Lent for the laity

Create such as you should be able to.Keep in mind that the first day of abstaining from food at all.And then alternated with raw cooked food.On weekends, allowed to flavor dishes with vegetable oil.In addition, on Palm Sunday is not forbidden to eat fish.However, such is the diversity of the laity (seafood, caviar) are allowed on Saturdays, too.People with digestive problems (as are almost all of our contemporaries), you can skip the recommendation of the raw food diet.Therefore, we find that each weekday you can normally eat vegetables and porridge without butter, mushrooms and vegetables.On weekends - to add to the diet of vegetable oils and fish.You may ask, when you can eat cheese?It depends on the severity of the post.Monastic regulations generally recommend without them.Typicon allows milk only on weekends.Lay people also should look at the state of health.Remember: the post in good conscience, not according to the ordinance.Suffering from a lack of protein or the monotony of the diet - a tasty cheese or cheese a day (in the second).The Lord did not forbid this.A better direct more attention inward.Pray - and all the answers will come directly from the Lord.And it will be the most correct!