Archimandrite John (Krestiankin).

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Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) was one of the most revered modern Russian Orthodox clergy at the turn of the late XX and early XXI century.In absentia it was called "the elder of all the Russias."He left posterity the legacy touches deeply.Back in the mid-90s, is already in a rather advanced age, the Reverend John Krestiankin very willingly accepted visited him in the Pskov-Pechersk monastery visitors from all over Russia.Such proximity has made it very clear to us.In his later years he enjoyed sharing his memories.Therefore, we are very fortunate that my father about John, we know more than other holy fathers and confessors who were martyred in the places where it was destined to return to the future Archimandrite.

Confession John Krestyankin

People who are lucky enough to see at least once with his father John, stayed about him the most heartfelt and pleasant memories.They tell how he enthusiastically performed church services and as always went out of the temple, surrounded by a crowd of old and young people who come sometimes just to just to see him.As Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) walked rapidly, as if flying, and the time to answer questions and hand out goodies, intended for himself.As he took a friendly spiritual children in his cell, seating them on the old sofa, and a few minutes of conversation a person just disappeared doubt and anxiety.At the same time the old man bestowed icons, religious books and pamphlets, generously sprinkled some water and holy anointed "butter".After such a spiritual recharge and it is impossible to imagine how people felt uplifted when they returned home.

take care of their spiritual children

in the corner of the cell's father John was a bag of letters, which he himself was responsible.Just a few months before his death, he helped him to respond to the message cell attendant Smirnova Tatiana Sergeevna.Even on the last Christmas of his father John's spiritual children also received such familiar and such lovely cards with personal greetings.

John Krestiankin.Sermons

It is not for nothing called him "all the Russias old man", because he had the gift of clairvoyance, and there are a lot of evidence.Elder John Krestiankin during the Soviet camps and endured the torture several times narrowly escaped death.He was the author of numerous and very inspirational sermons, which are now sold millions of copies.John Krestiankin as if he knew beforehand that many people from generation 70 will begin its way to the Orthodox faith is to them and how they need them.In one of the first books to build their confession Krestiankin John begins with an explanation of the main secrets that you need to know all believers.It was opened for us, Jesus Christ himself, and put it in the words of Scripture: "Without Mena can not tvoriti nichesozhe."

Perspicacious old man was an extraordinary prayer, as in his prayers he always referred to those people with whom he once had a chance to meet.

Brief Biography Born in Orel Vanya in 1910 April 11 (March 29 Old Style), in the middle-class family Krestyankin (Michael and Elizabeth).And he was with them for the eighth child.It got its name in honor of St. John the Hermit, since it was born on the day of his memory.However, the interesting fact is that in this day and honor the memory of the Pskov-Caves Holy Fathers Mark and Jonah.And certainly it is no coincidence, since then about forty years he will live it in the Pskov-Caves Monastery, where glorified sagacious elder.

Vanya's father died young, and his mother was brought up.Relatives helped the family, among them was the uncle - Moskvitin merchant Ivan.

6 years old boy served in the church, and in 12 expressed a desire to become a monk, but it will happen much later.

In 1929, after graduating from secondary school, Ivan Krestiankin went to study in accounting courses.Then he began to work on a specialty in Orel.But the heart, he always wanted to serve God.A lot of work he had, and because of that he often did not have time for church service, so with tips oxbow Vera Loginova, was forced to resign, and in 1932 he moved to Moscow.Then the war began.On the front was not taken because of poor eyesight.

Moscow.The postwar years

in Moscow in July 1944. Ivan Krestiankin becomes acolyte Izmailovskii Church of the Nativity.It was this temple had dreamed the future Archimandrite.After 6 months Krestiankin John was ordained a deacon, and after 9 months became a priest with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy I.

After the war began a powerful revival of the Orthodox Church, more faithful people flocked to the churches.While people like never required special sensitivity and compassion, as well as financial assistance.Father John gave himself completely to the service of the Church and the people and at the same time he studied by correspondence at the Moscow Theological Academy.Then he began to write his candidate for holy miracle worker Seraphim of Sarov, but did not, because in 1950 he was arrested.


few months pre-trial detention he spent in Lefortovo prison on Lubyanka.He was sentenced to 7 years under anti-Soviet agitation and sent to a camp of strict regime in the Arkhangelsk region.First in the camp he was felling the forest, and in the spring of 1953 he was transferred to the camp at department wheelchair Kuibyshev Garilovu Polyana, where he began working as an accountant.In winter 1955 Father John was released early.

Solagernik Vladimir Cape recalled how his eyes beamed and the whole face kindness and love, especially when he was talking to someone.In all his words was a great attention and participation, and sometimes sounded fatherly instruction skrashennoe gentle humor.Reverend John Krestiankin really loved to joke, and it was in this manner that some of the old Russian intelligentsia.

Pskov diocese

When he was released, he categorically forbidden to return to Moscow.So he began to serve in the Diocese of Pskov Trinity Cathedral.The government vigilantly monitored the activities of the active church father John, and again threatened with arrest.Then he left the Pskov and continued ministry in the Diocese of Ryazan.

And June 10, 1966 he was tonsured a monk with the name of John.In 1967, Patriarch Alexis I translate it into the Pskov-Caves Monastery.

Rev. Elder

Krestiankin John lived in the monastery until death.At first he was abbot of the monastery, and from 1973 - Archimandrite.A year into his abode, even believers began arriving from overseas.All loved the elder for his high spirituality and wisdom.

In 2005, 95-year Archimandrite John (Krestyankin) was awarded the Order of the church of St. Seraphim of Sarov I degree.At the same age, and the old man introduced himself, it was February 5, 2006.His body rests in the caves of the Pskov-Pechersk monastery.

"unholy saints"

Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov in his book "" unholy saints "and other stories" is very exciting and interesting to describe fragments of life and sagacity cases nationwide famous elder and preacher John Krestyankin.

In 2007, he even created a documentary called "Pskov Pecherkaya abode."In his painting he used the unique documentary footage of 1986, which commemorated the great ascetics still alive, who spent most of the persecutions.Among them was John Krestiankin.Striving to great feat, they have kept the treasure of faith.

In conclusion, it would be appropriate to recall the words of Archimandrite John (Krestyankin): "It sometimes happens that a person begins to languish unjustly and very heavy.This means that his soul is bored on a pure life, I felt his sinfulness, tired of the hustle and bustle and started (often unconsciously) to search for God and communion with him. "