The guide for the box: its variety of models and features

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guides, which are used in modern furniture, improving and acquiring new shapes and sizes.The guide for the box is the main element for its comfortable service.If until recently Drawer elements used skid type, now ubiquitous ball or roller model.

Roller guides for drawers

It's the simplest panel that are of good quality with sufficient thickness of metal.Big influence and the right choice of screws.Installation of the panels allows for easy operation and simple locker dismantling.Conduct a replacement guide is also quite simple.

Roller panel short-lived frequent use, they do not make it possible to fully open the closet and slammed when closing the latter.

Ball guides

have the complicated design, thanks to which it is possible to fully raise the cabinet, ensure smooth when moving and reduce noise appearing in the operation guide.

roller guidance for the drawer has a higher cost, but its benefits pay off during the use of the cabinet.The design panel is nested one into one of the three, which provide a full extension drawer.

as a guide by the thickness of the metal from which it is made.The larger it is, the stronger and the panel can withstand a greater load.Drawers on ball guides have less aesthetic appearance than the roller, and operated with less smoothness.

Panels closers

an improved ball panels.Their peculiarity is the presence of the door closer, which ensures smooth and silent closing of the box.The principle of operation is to pickup the closer moving parts and slow to close it.Thus, even if excessive force is applied will not be loud sounds.

guide for soft closing drawer capable of withstanding heavy loads.It is expensive, so the choice of such panels, it is important to pay attention to the smoothness of the box.If it is not enough, then buy soft closing guide is irrational.

This hardware is also not very attractive appearance and spoil the aesthetics of the drawer.

guides to ensure the nomination box consequence of pressing

They have the same characteristics as the panel described above, however, have one feature.This discovery box by clicking on the front.This version allows you to not use the pen.Guides for drawers with soft closing for maximum smoothness of closing.

During installation it is important to remember that between the front part and the body of the cabinet need to leave a gap of a few millimeters, thanks to which the press will have the opportunity to implement and overcome the effect of the damper.

worth with care have similar mechanisms in the house with small children, as there is a possibility of injury if accidentally clicking on a box.

Hidden guides

panels hidden activities are currently the most popular.They are used for all types of furniture, especially expensive producers.Installation is carried out under the bottom rail of the box.They have a high reliability and can withstand heavy loads, provides a hassle-free dismantling of the box to clear it.However, it is important to note that this method reduces the mounting height of the drawer.

There are also hidden guide elements open when pressed.Guides for drawers provides high aesthetics and allows the maximum use of the width.


are improved followers of roller guides.They have a complex structure, which is a supporting panel and a drawer side member.This arrangement makes it possible not to use the optional side walls to create a box chipboard sheets.

is also possible to attach the facade of the box to the data elements.These guides boxes are used mainly in the kitchen furniture and office cabinets.They are made of a metal which is subsequently dyed to the appropriate group.In this way such a mechanism has a wide range.

metaboxes have many advantages, their use increases the size of the box, while reducing its weight.They are easy to install, however, despite all the advantages, the cost of furniture with such a mechanism is much higher, it is not always pleased with the buyer.

Choice guide is largely dependent on the required function of the box.The most commonly used in the manufacture of furniture economy standard roller guides.They are the most simple in installation and during operation.