In which year the Soviet Union collapsed, which caused it

Before considering what year the Soviet Union fell apart, let us briefly describe the reasons for the collapse of this mighty state.Was it the "death" of planned or it was the result of hidden imperfections of domestic and foreign policy?Most areas of the Soviet Union got it inherited from tsarist Russia.The tsarist government led an aggressive policy towards its neighbors.In its structure were conquered territory - Poland, Finland, the Baltic countries.Later, Finland and Poland was able to break away, but in the years 1939-1946 the Soviet Union joined the slogan "the aspirations of the working people of fraternal peoples" to their land with the Western Ukraine and Belarus, the Baltic States, Tuvan People's Republic, Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina.

can be assumed that not all the "workers of the fraternal peoples" were eager to experience the hard way the delights of collectivization, but because the centrifugal forces within multinational boiler, called the Soviet people, have always existed.But in what year the Soviet Union collapsed, and why it was then, and not, for example, 20 years earlier or later?Most likely, a long time bonding "solution" that holds together the one-sixth of the land, was the economic factor.Of particular its heyday accounted for the postwar period.Then the state had a huge territory in Eurasia, has access to the oceans and natural resources, as well as fully or partially controlled economies of the "socialist camp".You can cautiously say that 50-60-ies were the "golden age" of the USSR.

However, the situation changed in the 1970s.Raging global crisis and falling oil prices shook the hitherto stable economy and reveal hidden defects in the social and economic policies, which later caused the collapse of the USSR.Date of official collapse of the country - 26 December 1991 - so was only a consequence of the disease has long been brewing.Management of the state was globally monstrously centralized.All alleged "in the Kremlin" in the Plenum.Such monocentrism in decision-making led to the discontent of the Federal Republic, which, incidentally, also appointed in Moscow.

economy was regrettable extensive.Moreover, the materials for the manufacture of goods travel thousands of kilometers (cotton grown in Uzbekistan, was treated in Siberia, they wove in Ivanovo and clothing sewn in the Baltic States), also an indicator of the efficiency of a plan.These plans were made and approved by the distant acquaintance with the realities of production policies.Work on the implementation of five-year led to increased production of cheap and low quality products, and governance commodity prices inevitably led to a shortage.Therefore, regardless of what year the Soviet Union collapsed, dissatisfaction with life in the "developed socialism" has been steadily growing.

Some political analysts argues that a powerful state broke into pieces exclusively at fault and because of the machinations of the capitalist West, primarily the United States.Maybe some truth in this, and there have been intrigues.But imagine a friendly family where there is peace and love.Is it possible to cause a divorce spouses that tell one of them that, for example, in another family people live better?The rigid censorship, iron curtain, severe repression of dissent only increased centrifugal forces in society.The country launched a rocket into space and sent humanitarian aid to Africa and Cuba, and at the same time hungry citizens of a great country could not buy a pack of butter.And no matter what year the Soviet Union collapsed completely, it is important that it began to break down at the end of the 70s.

war in Afghanistan, cowardly policy of the authorities, trying to hide the Chernobyl accident, only completed the process.Colossus with feet of clay collapsed.Rebuilding started too late and could not prevent this fall.In fact, in December 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, unified country was no longer there, and there were 15 regions, torn by its own contradictions and problems.