Extortion article of the Criminal Code

Extortion (article will be devoted to this topic) is a call from a person or organization committing certain actions under the threat of physical pressure on them, the disposition of assets or dissemination of false information that could cause harm to, someone to be presented with this requirement.In many states it is a crime, bearing the criminal nature, but each country has its own level of criminal prosecution and its formulation of an act of anti-social behavior.

Considering the Russian criminal law, it should be noted that the extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code) shall be punished by confining the freedom of the person for a maximum of four years (this may be fined in the amount of wages the prisoner), or work in the compulsory and up to fouryears (which may be limited to freedom for up to two years), or arrest for up to six months.

article also for extortion involves restriction of freedom for up to seven years with the penalty at a salary man in the past three years, if the criminal act was committed by a group of people prior agreement among themselves, and, if it was appliedviolence or extortion took place on a large scale.

punishment for the crime of imprisonment of up to fifteen years with the penalty at a rate of wages a prisoner for the last five years applies in the case of extortion in order to obtain material resources on a large scale, or when it was caused grave damage to human health, the rights of whichThey have been violated.

There is also need to specify that extortion (Article 156 of the Criminal Code), illegal remuneration is premeditated placing human conditions under which he must pass an illegal fee in order to prevent negative consequences.

should be noted that for the individualization of criminal acts of extortion when you need to pay attention to two parts: the demand, which is accompanied by threats, as well as the transfer of material resources and compliance with the requirements of scams.For example, in the case of a property in the future, we can say that here there is extortion (article which provides for imprisonment of up to four years), and if the performance requirements must be carried out immediately, it is necessary to talk about the robbery or robbery.

thus built right formula for extortion.It is here that there must be a requirement and its immediate execution in the event of a threat in the future, while the victim is subject to any directions of the perpetrator, or the threat of demand and orders its execution in the future.

To summarize, it must be said that in an article of the Criminal Code (extortion and punishment for it), which fully reveals the question concerning this criminal act and provides sanctions for it.It should always be remembered that any crime does not remain untouchable.