Electric heating boiler energy saving.

Heating homes is a key component of its comfort and coziness.A good host in this very important technical specifications for the type of heating.You can perform useful activities room insulation with modern materials, but such a scenario is not relevant, if the repair is not necessary.Another thing - the installation of a simple-to-use and functional heating equipment.Currently, the most popular solution - it is an electric boiler heating energy efficient.


optimal indoor climate can create a variety of heating units:

  • Solid fuel boilers.
  • Fuel oil unit.
  • gas equipment.
  • Electric boilers.

If the heating system is selected for a residential house or apartment, a great option is an electric boiler heating energy efficient.We consider it more detail.

Electric boilers

If there is no gas, but like the comfort, the heating system on solid fuel - not the best option, as it is quite troublesome and costly.In such situations, most often prefer electric heating units.

boiler electric heating energy saving has a huge amount of benefits that begin with reasonable price and high-end security features.

Modern electrical devices do not have an open flame source, absolutely do not emit harmful combustion products, and most importantly - for such equipment does not require the device chimney.The latter aspect is not only significantly reduces the cost of installation of the product, and labor costs.

worth boiler electric heating energy saving is quite acceptable, and if desired, you can choose the best option with the necessary parameters.

is also worth noting that electric boilers are not only easy to operate but also differ silent operation.Compared to other types of devices, they differ quite full automation and high efficiency, which in some equipment reaches about 98%.


Over the last years experts agree that the best indicators in the ratio of energy saving, cost and quality boasts equipment that saves resources.And because the regular increase in the prices of energy resources to the attention of heating costs - is one of the most urgent tasks.

Energy efficient boilers for private houses have received huge popularity due to the ease of installation, because they can be installed on any object equipped with power supply system.Nice design of these devices allows them to be placed not only in the cottages, and private homes, but also in apartments.


All boilers, electric heating (Prices shown below) work on the same principle: they convert electrical energy into heat.It is no secret that energy can not just appear, but only through a transformation.In connection with this, the present heating equipment is not deemed most economical, but has the characteristic of high efficiency.On average, this value ranges from 95 to 99%.

By way of heating the devices are divided into:

  • Induction.
  • electrode.
  • heaters.

In addition, these heating units can be divided into single-circuit and double-circuit, the latter is admissible only be used for heating, the first - and even for hot water supply.In addition, there are floor and wall heating boilers, depending on this factor varies the power unit.

Energy Saving

In fact, all kinds of equipment operate virtually the same, the only difference is in the method of energy conversion.Thus, energy saving is the result of:

  • efficient and reliable operation.
  • simplicity of design and use only modern materials.
  • two-pipe heating system with efficient heat sinks.
  • using automatic temperature control and heat transfer medium.
  • smooth start.
  • Physics method of producing thermal energy (heating of the entire volume of coolant is carried out in the boiler chamber).
  • a reduction in the number of times the inertia heating.


Energy-efficient heating boilers for homes have the following advantages:

  • Due to compact dimensions this heating equipment may be installed in different rooms.
  • main advantage of electric boiler - it is silent operation that allows you to place them even in small apartments.
  • boiler electric heater 220 (the price is set out below) shall work with the maintenance of ecological purity.
  • the process of the heating units do not need to monitor regularly and continually add fuel, as they are fully automated.
  • ability to combine multiple devices.Electric boiler is able to work with a variety of heat sources.As a result, the device can be used on a permanent basis, or to maintain the optimum temperature at the right moment.
  • Electric boilers for private houses can be used not only for heating but also for year-round hot water.
  • Another advantage of the heating equipment is easy to install.


chief and even in some cases, the only drawback of these devices is that they are completely independent of the mains.Accordingly, if the room is not brought to the mains, it will not heat.

Electric boilers heating: prices and producers

Consider the most popular manufacturers engaged in production of high-quality and efficient equipment for heating:

  • Russian company "Galan" produces electrode devices in three versions, which are designed for high efficiency heating allareas."Gala" Hearth-3 "(3 kW) - boiler electric heating (220V).The price is on average 9600 rubles."Hearth-6" (6 kW) - 11 500 rubles.
  • Yet another Russian producer, "Savitri", engaged in the production capacity of 4-120 kW models for different rooms and areas.There are the following modifications to these heating units: SAVITR M1EB1MS003 Mini August 3 400 rub.), SAVITR M1EB1CS004N Classic 4 (price - 9900 rubles.) And SAVITR M1EB3SO004 Optima 4 (19 000 rub.).
  • Ukrainian company equipped the EnergoLux their heating boilers (consumer reviews about them mostly positive) wireless temperature sensors, various programs, and climate control.Furthermore, each radiator is a separate device for each single room.EnergoLux Premium-1500PU / 12 can be purchased for 9400 rubles, EnergoLux Elite-1500PUT / 15 - 12 200 rubles.

How to choose a pot?

Choosing for single-circuit or two-circuit home electric boilers, it is necessary to consider many characteristics.But first and foremost it should focus on the capacity of the unit, and then choose the power radiators.

main problem accompanying the calculation of the boiler in this case, is not only the cost of electricity, but also the load that falls on the electrical network.That power is the main parameter of the electric boiler, determining the efficiency of the heating system.

choosing the power unit, you need to take into account the values ​​of specific heat loss of the structure during the heating period.This is a fairly complex calculations contain many components.But in some instances, the simplified versions that take into account two main parameters - the specific capacity of the boiler and heated area.