To staff worked with pleasure.

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Employees work with pleasure, if:

1. see the point of what they are doing.Objective i.e.achieving results, is itself a motive, a driving force of human action.

2. can show their abilities and their significance.People react negatively if a decision on their competence adopted without their participation.

3. results of their work are not "anonymous."
4. Have the opportunity to speak, how to improve their work.Organize the influx of new ideas, and you will not only greatly increase the motivation, but also can be carried out in the company innovates.

5. confident in his own indispensability.

6. participate directly in the formulation of the company's goals.Set goals with their subordinates, and then they will invest more personal energy to perform the work required to achieve them.

7. Feel recognition of their success.Help them to feel its taste, encouraging people financially or morally, make it so that the results of employee saw and recognized by others.Praise employees and give them a more difficult and responsible task.

8. participate in the discussion of changes in their work and in the workplace.The exception here may be, apparently, only wages.Although a number of experiments shows that people can usually settle for less, provided that you ask themselves put forward a proposal on remuneration associated with changes in their duties.And even if the proposals will be excessive and exceed your abilities (and it happens often), it is possible to find a compromise.

9. Know what are the criteria and how to evaluate the quality of their work.Such information should be provided to employees from the very beginning of the employment relationship.

10. Feel adequate control.The best option - self-control.Especially if the work is considered unattractive.

11. Feel the chances of further development.

12. can be themselves boss.If a person has a "free space" for the initiative in organizing the production, if it has the possibility for self-expression, self-specific decisions and establishing operating procedures, it increases its interest in work.

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