Preferences "beachgoers' published the results of the annual survey in 2013 Flip Flop Report.This study examines the behavior and preferences of beachgoers worldwide.8606 people from 21 countries, resting on the beach in the last year or going for a vacation in the next, responded to the questionnaire.

Almost half of respondents - 46% relaxed on the beach for the last 12 months, and 64% more likely choose a beach vacation in the next year.In a survey of Americans it turned out that 31% of them prefer a beach holiday, 28% want to explore the cultural and historical attractions, and 17% - are willing to relax with friends.

French, Spanish, Dutch, Australians, Japanese and Singaporeans prefer a cultural holiday, and in the majority of New Zealanders prefer to vacation with friends and family.

Europeans were the most tolerant towards sunbathing topless - 27% of respondents said that they would feel uncomfortable around people sunbathing topless.In India, the number of dissatisfied views sunbathing topless is 41%, in Korea - 40%, Malaysia - 39%, Singapore - 39%, in Japan - 36%, in America - 27%, and in Canada - 25%.

study the question - "What are afraid of people dropped?" Revealed that 54% of Americans fear the loss or theft of a wallet on the beach.42% malaziyev afraid of drowning.85% of Singaporeans are afraid of sharks, and 71% of Danes said they had never afraid of sharks.

in choosing the direction of beachgoers most concerned with the cost - 70%, and the predictability of the weather - 51%.

The choice of the most popular activities on the beach, Americans prefer to walk on the beach - 78%;Indians love to build sand castles and water activities sporta- 52%;Norwegians (74%), Irish (73%), British (71%) prefer just sunbathing.Germans prefer to swim - 90% and read the book - 74%.

Most respondents prefer to buy tours online - 60%, while the US is doing 77% of the tourists who prefer the beach.Moreover, 58% of Malaysians and 57% of Mexicans prefer to offer Ā«last minuteĀ».

major factor in the selection process is the information received from friends and relatives - 55%, and the reports of other travelers - 42%.In addition to the beach and the traditional beach activities respondents also interested in the local cuisine - 76%, historical monuments - 72% of the shops - 62%, the nightlife - 43% Golf - 9%.

engaged in shopping after the beach prefer 78% Singaporeans, 76% of Indians, 73% Malays, 73% of Australians, 72% of Americans and 70% of Norwegians.Assess the local cuisine prefer 91% Malays, 89% of South Koreans and 88% of Norwegians.

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