How to cook sour cream sponge cake

There are several ways of how to make at home sour cream sponge cake.The most popular of them, we present in this article.

Product Overview

Sponge cake with sour cream - a delicious, fragrant and sweet dessert that can be served and to the ordinary family, and for the festive table.It should be noted that in the preparation of such a filling is no big deal.But you have to produce a smooth and delicious sour cream, need to be sure to have at their disposal a mixer or blender.It is only through such devices can be very beat of dairy products and get pretty soft and the air mass.

easiest sour cream homemade desserts

As mentioned above, today there are a few recipes with which you can make a delicious and filling the air for a cake.All of them involve the use of fresh cream.The classic version of this dessert recommends using only natural rustic dairy product that can be purchased only in the market.

When using fat sour cream you get a very thick filling for a pie.The taste and appearance, it is quite similar to the butter cream.However, it is more tender and tasty.

So, before you cook sour cream, you need to stock up on products such as:

  • rustic maximum fat sour cream - 1 full glass;
  • sugar is not too big - ½ cup;
  • vanilla sugar - about 10 g

cooking process

Where to start?To make delicious fat sour cream rustic product, you need to put it into a deep bowl, and then severely beat with a mixer.Gradually, the same dishes need not pour too large sugar and vanilla.After these steps, you may find that the cream is stratified.Nothing wrong with that.It should continue beating at high speed until uniform and fluffy mass.

As you can see, a simple sour cream sponge cake does not require a lot of ingredients and lots of free time.Apply it on cakes is recommended only after complete cooling.If we ignore this Council, the cream may melt, and your dessert will not turn out so good as we would like.

Cooking delicate cream cake

learn how to prepare a sour cream product of the village, we told above.But if such an ingredient you could not find something to do filling for homemade desserts and from the store can be sour.Of course, taste and consistency they will differ.However, store-bought milk product homemade cake will turn out not less delicate than a village.

So, we need:

  • shoplifting maximum fat sour cream (about 30%) - 500 ml;
  • sugar is too large - 2/3 cup.

method for preparing

All recipes with sour cream involve intensive processing milk product using a mixer or blender.This is due to the fact that during the beating ingredient significantly increased in volume, it becomes a lush, tender and very tasty.

So, to make a delicious filling for homemade cake, shop cream should be put into a deep bowl, then whisk blender.Gradually, in the same capacity you need to add sugar.As a result, a long mixing you should have a very lush and soft mass.To put it in a thick layer cakes recommended immediately after they have cooled off.

Features selecting dairy

should be noted that for the preparation of the cream should only be used as much as possible fresh cream.For a long time I stood on the counter product may contain a separate serum.If you randomly purchased this ingredient, it is required to put in multilayer gauze and allow to drain all excess liquid.

should also say that quite a few housewives often wonder how to thicken sour cream.It is recommended to use a special thickener.However, it may be necessary to you only if you have purchased is not too fat dairy products (10, 15 or 20%).

Making the custard cream of

most popular among fans of home brew enjoyed dessert sour cream.For the sponge cake it fits perfectly.With him your dish will be even more delicious and tender.But to prepare a stuffing you'll need a little more time.After the custard is not for nothing that way.To thicken it, almost all of the ingredients should necessarily be subjected to heat treatment.

So, to prepare their own brew sour cream sponge cake, we need:

  • maximum freshness sour cream with 20% fat - about 250 g;
  • rustic large egg - 1 pc .;
  • sugar is not too big - 125 g and 1 large spoon;
  • flour light - 2 large spoons;
  • oil is not rancid butter - about 150 of

Preparation of the first part of the foundations

Custard for dessert, a biscuit should be prepared in stages.First we need to take a pot with a thick bottom, put to rustic egg and sour cream, then beat well with a mixer.Gradually, the mass is to add too large sugar and white flour.As a result, you should form the basis of a fairly liquid, which must be subjected to heat treatment.

thus required to take a large metal container and pour into it about a liter of water.Further, the dishes must be put on a strong fire and bring the liquid to a boil.After that, the bubbling water you want to put a pan with the previously implicated egg-mass sour cream.Cook it on a steam bath should be about ¼ hour.At the same ingredients should be regularly interfere with a large spoon.This is required so that the resulting mass is not formed lumps.

After the first part of the custard will be subjected to a heat treatment, it should be removed from the water bath and leave aside until cool.

Preparation of cooking oil

While egg-milk mass cools down at room temperature, should address the processing of butter.It is required in advance to take out of the refrigerator or freezer and wait for complete thawing.When the cooking oil will be the most gentle, you must beat with the help of the blender until the air mass.

final stage

Once all the ingredients for the custard will be handled properly, it is necessary to proceed to the connection of both parts of the filling.To do this, whipped creamy mass is required to lay completely cooled egg-sour cream mixture.To obtain a homogeneous cream and the air, these components are not desirable to stir with a spoon, and the mixer or blender.

After all the above steps you should form a viscous and not very dense mass, which can be used not only for making sponge cakes, but also, for example, home-made cakes.

How to make chocolate-sour cream

If you baked chocolate sponge cakes, then a beautiful appearance is not recommended to lubricate their white sour cream and brown.To achieve this chocolate hue to the main components necessary to add cocoa powder.

Features cooking chocolate cream

way, some housewives prefer to put in a filling or a bitter dark chocolate, pre-shredded on a grater.We do not recommend, because you end up not brown cream and white, with a clearly visible flakes of sweet product.

When preparing such fillings you do decide to use a bar of chocolate before adding to the sweetness of this cream is necessary to melt in a water bath with the addition of a couple more tablespoons of fresh milk.And it should be noted that to enter into the final chocolate coating cream preferably only after it is well cooled.If we ignore this Council, there is a possibility that the product from the hot cream just curdle, and your filling for sponge cake will not turn out the same as we would like.

So, before you make sour cream chocolate color, you need to prepare products such as:

  • cream shop 30% fat maximum freshness - 500 g;
  • sugar is too large - 2/3 cup;
  • cocoa powder - 4 large spoons.

process step preparation

In preparing chocolate sour cream to sponge cake no big deal.To this you were convinced, will present his detailed recipe right now.

shopping Thick sour cream must be put into a large bowl, then beat with a mixer or blender at high speed.Gradually lush dairy product required is not too large to pour the sugar and cocoa powder.After stirring vigorously you should form an airy and delicate mass.Distribute her biscuit shortcakes recommended only after complete cooling.


In this article we will tell you more about how you can make at home to make quick and tasty air sour cream.It should be noted that all of the recipes are ideal for sponge cakes.

After cooking a filling it is necessary to smear on the basis of using the special patisserie spatula or conventional knife with a blunt end.For complete impregnation sponge cake ready, be sure to put in the refrigerator and let stand it there for about 3-6 hours.During this time, sour cream cakes make a soft, gentle and sweet.Serve this homemade desserts invited guests and friends to be together with a savory hot tea.Believe me, to treat such air can not resist any adult, let alone a child.